A prosecutor’s decision complicated the position of the football player who hit the referee

The public prosecutor’s office in charge of the attack on footballer Cristian Tirone’s referee, Dalma Magali Courtadi, has requested a change in the player’s legal status, which If caught, he will be taken into custody.

Juan Carlos Ustaroz, the coach of the case whose prosecutor is Gabriel Lopazo, explained to the newspaper. public voice What The request was based on the “seriousness” of the attack. In which Tyrone punched a referee from behind, then tried to continue attacking her until the police arrested her, which she also protested.

The now ex-Garmens player (he had been expelled from the club for life) refused to give evidence last Monday, although he regretted the violent act.

the referee had a sabbatical

the state of health of dalma cut, 30-year-old referee who was brutally beaten by a Tres Arroyos league soccer playerit’s still complicated because “rested”According to medical sources, for which he remained under observation.

Kortadi had severe pain and a new Medical examination in a private clinicStudies have determined that a head trauma to the side of the neckContusion in various parts of the body and severe contraction in the cervical region.

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the referee must take 15 days off And during these days, a CT scan will be performed to determine the degree of injuries to the head area.

Vanessa Quintana, the mother of the assault judge, revealed more about her daughter’s condition: “He is in a lot of pain, with an orthopedic neck he is in pain, both emotionally and physically,” he pointed.

“I can’t believe my daughter has been subjected to so much cruelty, If the blow had gone to the back of the head, he could have died.“, stressed the woman, who remarked that” I can not understand how a human being can be so aggressive “.

in dialogue Cross-platform Phoenix The judge’s mother demanded a trial and said the attacker should go to jail: “He shouldn’t be out. He will have to pay the price for the harm he caused my daughter.,

The prosecutor calls for the arrest of the attacker

Tres Arroyos prosecutor calls for guarantee of justice Deportivo Garmen’s Club footballer arrested Judicial sources said Tres Arroyos accused him of hitting a referee during a match between two regional league teams.

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It was the prosecutor Gabriel Lopazo, the substitute of the functional unit of directive 17 of Tres Arroyos, who asked the Court of Guarantee to convert the arrest of the player into detention. Christian Ariel Tyron34 years old.

According to sources, the player has been charged with the offense of “triple serious attack by breach of trust, due to the victim’s status as a woman and committed during the realization of a sporting event in perfect competition”.

Tirone faces up to three years in prison, which prosecutors will – eventually – demand for “effective compliance”.

In the meantime, he previously lives in the cell of the police station and now awaits a solution to the guarantee.

Tirone faces up to three years in prison, which prosecutors will – eventually – demand for “effective compliance”.

The attacker apologized.

During the hearing before the prosecutor, Tirone apologized and said he was “ashamed and sorry” for what happened on Sunday, when he played for Deportivo Garmens, owned by Adolfo González Chaves, and the third division of Independencia.

Judicial sources said that “the player chose not to give details of what happened during the football match in front of the prosecutor, but maintained that he was embarrassed, sorry for what he did and apologized.”

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