A referee was brutally beaten by a football player after an infringement

football player A referee brutally beaten In a match of the regional league of Tres Arroyos in the province of Buenos Aires, between the teams Garamens and Deportivo Independencia. The incident happened when the referee flagged a violation, penalized two players and was tackled by a third 34-year-old footballer.

The official, who plays for the Garments Club, has been identified as christian tirone and was arrested Dalma Magali, 30, after the Kortadi attackSport with Club Deportivo Independencia has been suspended following the incidents.

The sequence was recorded on video. According to the recording, Cortadi charges an interception and the Garmense player hits the ball hard, throwing it, for which he is sent off. Soon after, one of Garmen’s goalkeepers reprimanded the referee and was also sent off at the time. At this moment Tiro, who is unleashed, surprises him from behind and kills him from behind, at neck height, in an act of madness. The victim fell to the ground and His face completely touched the grass. A few seconds later, he managed to get up on his own.

In the middle of the match a footballer attacked the linesman

Amid the violence, another referee stopped the striker and removed him from the game. Meanwhile, several policemen arrive on the playground and capture Tirone, who is fighting against completely uncontrollable policemen.

After the attack, Kortadi had to seek treatment at a local hospital. However, he did not register any serious injuries. The attacker was arrested and then transferred to a police station in the context of a case qualified as “Even for minor injuries and violations of Sporting Events Law 11,829.” Tyrone will also be charged with an alleged act of sexual assault.

On the other hand, the first division match scheduled below was also suspended, where Adolfo Gonzales Chaves Club Deportivo Garmens and Independencia were to face each other.

A statement of rebuttal from the Club Garmens

Following the unfortunate events, and following the virality of the case on social media and the media, Deportivo Garmens issued a rebuttal statement: “In view of the incidents during the third division football match which took place this Sunday, which was disputed. Adolfo Gonzales town stretches between Garmance and Independencia, during which a Garmance player physically assaults the referee’s wife, The club strongly denies this action. Which is contrary to the feeling that arises from the practice of this sport.

“The Institute expresses its solidarity with the assaulted judge, apologizes, puts itself at his disposal and continues to work to eradicate violence in all its forms and discipline athletes.” , trains with values ​​like camaraderie, commitment and, above all, respect and tolerance,” the post reads.

Another new case in Brazil

What happened this Sunday during the match between Garmens and Independencia is reminiscent of a situation with similar characteristics experienced in Brazilian football a few months earlier, more specifically during the Pernambuco tournament. The final was played between the teams of retro and nauticalIt was 22 minutes into the first half and the score was scoreless when Nautico player tries to kill referee Deborah Cecilia after being expelled. After seeing action at VAR, the judge showed player Gian Carlos a red card for assault. The footballer not only resisted, but Deborah also jumped on Cecilia and was about to kill her.

The accomplices of the attackers released Gian Carlos from the area he was trying to stop, in the middle of a tornado of players. Photos of the attempted attack went viral and denial messages immediately emerged. The player apologized to the referee for “losing control during the match”, although he clarified that he never intended to hit him. This, despite the fact that his body movements indicate otherwise.

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