Arkadelphia talks about the legacy of football player OBU

Ouachita Baptist University and the community of Arkadelphia are mourning the loss of football player Clark Yarbrough who died suddenly over the weekend.

ARKADELPHIA, Ark. – The entire Arkadelphia community mourns the loss of a campus leader.

Clark Yarbrough, 21, died after collapsing early Sunday morning, but details of his death have not been released as an autopsy is underway.

In Yarbrough’s honor, the lights at Cliff Harris Stadium, home of the Ouachita Baptist University football team, dimmed a bit on Tuesday night.

Head football coach Todd Knight described Yarbrough as “an incredible young man” and also said he was a “great leader”.

Coach Knight and the rest of the community all focused on who Yarbrough was.

“He was an honorable mention, an all-conference player coming out of last year and had very high expectations for this year,” Knight explained. “There is a hole in this dressing room, not just as a player, but as a leader and mentor to young people.”

Clark, a native of Rowlett, a suburb of Dallas, was a key defensive player. Besides playing football, he played an even bigger role in the lives of those around him.

“You know, make you think and think about your words and the decisions you make and how you live your life, and Clark was a great example of that,” Knight said. “Living through his faith, and I’m proud to know Clark Yarbrough.”

Clark spent 4 years with the OBU Tigers, and there are plenty of memories to recount – Knight explained there was a recent one that kept him going.

“I have a brand new grandson, he’s two years old. And he’s bumping fists with Clark,” Knight said. “This photo that I will have all my life.”

Yarbrough was called back to the Little Rock Touchdown Club, which showed that those memories are even bigger than the community of Arkadelphia.

Tigers announcer Rex Nelson said one of his trademarks on an Ouachita touchdown was “the promised land.”

“Clark was a believer, and that day I have no doubt he saw the real promised land,” Nelson said.

While there’s no answer for the hole Yarbrough left behind, Knight said it won’t stop the team or slow it down. He added that this was not what Clark would have wanted.

“As the pastor said this morning, we’re not going to get over this, we’ll get through this, and we’ll probably be better off,” Knight said. “I’ll be honest with you, just because we know Clark and we really know what he wants from us today.”

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