Assistant referee verbally abused at Castle Douglas football match

An assistant referee was the victim of “discriminatory and abusive comments” during a football match at Castle Douglas on Saturday.

Niamh Lundy suffered the abuse while officiating in the derby between Threave Rovers and St Cuthbert Wanderers at Meadow Park.

The matter was reported to referee David Milton who threatened to drop the crucial South of Scotland League clash unless action was taken.

In a joint statement released later, Threave chairman David McVitie and Saints chairman Tracey McGarrie said: “At halftime of last Saturday’s game, the match referee informed representatives of both clubs for discriminatory and abusive comments made by fans and directed at the assistant referee on the stand side.

“The volume and content of these comments were serious enough that intervention by the home club was necessary to ensure the continuation of the game.

“Both clubs have taken the decision to address this situation publicly and to state unequivocally that discriminatory and abusive language has no place in football.

“Such conduct was completely unacceptable and should the person(s) involved be identified, they would be dealt with in any way the clubs deem appropriate. Threave Rovers and St Cuthbert Wanderers remain fully committed to ensuring that any unacceptable behavior is not not tolerated during their matches.

The game was allowed to continue with the Saints winning 4-2.

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