Best Payday Loans with Same-Day Approval: Get Fast Cash From Top 4 Direct Lenders In 2022| Best Online Places To Apply For Bad Credit Loans & Emergency Loans With Guaranteed Approval

Who is looking for a loan? More pointedly, who is looking to get approval for a same-day loan? Well, aren’t we all? Anyone who knows how to get their hands on quick funds in an emergency would shout for joy. If you are in a financial fix and are looking for a quick way out, there are online instant loans with same-day approval. And we are here to tell you why they are life-savers.

Get this: Nobody plans to get into a fix. Did you ever dream of getting ill and needing money for hospital bills, being overdue on mortgage payments, being unable to pay the bills at the end of the month, among others? Nobody ever did. But life and bills happen, so even the most careful person finds themselves in a fix once in a while.

You have the option of asking friends and loved ones for a bailout fund. But you can’t rely on that source when everyone has some sort of bill to pay. You can also pawn some valuables or use them as collateral for a loan. But what if you cannot get them back? More importantly, how quickly can these sources make the emergency funds you need available?

This is where instant loans come in. They provide a quick way out, and you can usually get them within a day.

An instant loan online does not require you to provide collateral. Once you fill out the form with the required information, most loan companies process your application and connect you to a lender. And paying back is usually not stressful.

These installment loans are quick and seamless. They don’t take forever to secure, and the requirements are limited. You can apply from anywhere and have the funds deposited into your account within a few hours. Also, you have the option of choosing from a variety of lenders, depending on which offers the most agreeable terms.

Although they can be risky, if you are critically looking at things, the risk in these loans is usually not one-sided. Both the borrower and the lender run a risk, but it is not all bad. Many of the companies or online lenders that offer same-day loans don’t require credit checks. So, even if you have a poor credit history, you still have the opportunity to apply for this type of loan and get approval.

However, nothing good comes easily. You have to meet several strict criteria, such as having a bank account or earning up to $1000 a month. Some companies even have a lot of requirements for you to provide before they consider you. And the interest rates can be high. Knowing the total amount you have to pay back, interest included, should be a priority for you. But when you look at the big picture, you will discover that you gain as much as the lenders.

Top 5 Instant Loans with Same-Day Approval

Here is our list of the top 5 instant loans with same-day approval:

  1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best For Instant Loans with Same-Day Approval
  2. BadCreditLoans: Direct Lender For Instant Loans WIth Bad Credit, Runner Up
  3. CashUSA: Quick Online Loans & Emergency Cash
  4. PersonalLoans: Best Online Lender For Personal Loans

#1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best For Instant Loans with Same-Day Approval

Since 2010, MoneyMutual has been working to create a mutually satisfying environment and experience for its customers and company. While it is not a direct lender, the company connects you to credible lenders within a short period of time, making them one of the best companies to do business with if you are looking for a quick loan.

Based on reliable research and statistics, many Americans don’t have the financial capacity to cover emergencies. There are way fewer people who can provide up to $500 in a crisis than can’t, and this fact is bleak. It is part of the reason why you find too many people with a history of bad credit. Many lenders find it difficult to lend because they don’t see applicants with bad credit as reliable, no matter what they say.

But with MoneyMutual, the story is different. The company understands how emergencies crop up. So, it works with a vast network of lenders online to make access to quick funds possible, even with bad credit.

To get started, you go to the company’s site and fill out a form. After you submit the form, the company connects you with a few lenders who are willing to work with you. You can choose the lender to work with when you view the terms they offer on their respective sites. If you can make a decision fast enough, there is a chance to get credited with the funds you applied for within 24 hours.

However, MoneyMutual only approves your application if you are over 18, have a stable source of income, and earn up to $800 every month. You must also provide an active checking account before it considers you; otherwise, you may not receive the funds.


Loan sum: Getting an instant loan is not a walk in the park, even in a country where acquiring a loan is pretty easy. But MoneyMutual gives up to $5000 as instant loans. It is a good enough amount for a quick loan, even for an emergency.

Process of application: MoneyMutual makes the application process easy. Anyone can apply from anywhere without help. Just a few short requirements, and you are good to go, as long as you earn up to $800 per month. The company understands that different types of people will apply since it is open to everyone.

Quick results: In as little as 24 hours, MoneyMutual will deposit the required loan sum. But it depends on how quickly you make a decision and come to an agreement with a lender. You also have the option to decline if you don’t find favorable terms with a particular lender.

Online lender network: Part of what makes MoneyMutual so effective is the lender network it works with online. The company will transfer you to a lender’s site for further discussions but may not play an active role at this stage of the process.

Extra costs: You pay nothing extra to MoneyMutual for the services it renders to you.

Information protection: Navigating the site is easy, and it is also secure. The personal details you provide stay within the company; it has no history of hacking or loss of personal information.


  • Credible online lender network
  • Quick and easy application process
  • Speedy delivery of funds
  • Over two million customers
  • Excellent services at no extra cost


  • Residents of New York and Connecticut are not eligible

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans: Direct Lender For Instant Loans WIth Bad Credit, Runner Up


Your credit history plays no significant role in whether or not you get loan approval from BadCreditLoans. In other words, the company’s name says what it represents: a ray of hope for those with bad credit scores looking for quick financial help. Even a bankruptcy report on your credit report does not exempt you from loan approval.

The company’s site has a page dedicated to explaining to new and old customers the benefits of taking payday loans and how to maximize the assistance. With the provided information, you are better able to use the money you get and pay it back without adding stress.

BadCreditLoans has a network of lenders who are willing to give bad credit loans within a short period of time. So, after you fill out the form on the site, which is a quick process, the company sends out your application to different lenders within its network. The time it takes from the application stage to the funding stage may not exceed five minutes.

Your application may attract several reliable lenders, and you can choose from the offers. Of course, the company connects you to the lender’s site and lets you negotiate the terms of the agreement. You are under no obligation to accept the first offer that comes your way. If you find the terms unfavorable, you can reject them and wait for a new offer.

If you are able to choose a lender within a short time, BadCreditLoans can send the requested amount by the next business day. And with loan amounts of up to $10,000, you are sure to get some emergencies out of the way. The company also makes it simple to repay the loan, offering up to 36 months in the repayment plan.

But you must be a citizen of the United States and have a steady source of income to be eligible for a loan. Plus, your credit score affects how much interest you pay, which may significantly increase the total amount you repay.


All credits accepted: Your credit history does not determine if you will get loan approval. So, if you are looking for an instant loan that will be approved the same day, you may want to consider BadCreditLoans.

Extra charges: collects nothing extra for helping you acquire a quick loan.

Loan amount: It does not matter the type of loan you want. BadCreditLoans offers between $500 and $10,000, including instant loans with same-day approval. It is a considerable amount for an instant loan.

Process to apply: The steps to applying for a loan with BadCreditLoans are pretty quick, which is about what you will get with many other personal loan companies. After filling out a form, the company connects you to a few lenders.

Repayment: The plan is scheduled to stretch over 36 months. So, no matter what your regular earnings are, you can work it so that you comfortably fit your payments into your income.


  • loans for bad credit & all credit levels
  • Quick delivery of results
  • A substantial loan amount
  • Free service
  • Network of credible lenders
  • Easy application process
  • Suitable repayment schedule


  • Possibly high interest rates
  • The requirement for lots of detailed personal information

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BadCreditLoans

#3. CashUSA: Quick Online Loans & Emergency Cash


Securing an instant loan with the possibility of same-day approval is easy with CashUSA. No matter what your credit statement says, the company can find lenders within its network willing to work with you to provide quick loans.

To help you enjoy the benefits of the loan, CashUSA provides resources on its site that allow you to calculate your debts and check your credit score. That way, you know how to repay what you owe without putting a strain on your income. In other words, the company teaches you about your financial standing and gives you the opportunity to solve immediate problems while repairing bad credit if you make timely payments.

Be aware that CashUSA requires a lot of personal information before it can make a decision on whether or not to give approval. To fill out the form, you must provide basic information such as your name, email address, where you live, and how much you want to borrow. Then, you will indicate if you are serving actively in the military, your social security number, and a valid means of identification, among other information.

Though it sounds as if you have to give out too much about yourself, it eliminates the hassle of going physically to an office. Whatever information a potential lender may need is already available. But if you don’t give the go-ahead, the company will not give out the information.


No extra fees: You pay nothing as a fee to CashUSA for using its services. It offers them for free.

Customer base: It boosts your confidence to know that over one million people, both old and new, trust and use CashUSA.

Information security: The company has no history of information theft or leakage. So, when you use the site, your details are secure.

Quick fund delivery: You can get the required funds within 24 hours of application. That is if you make a fast loan decision.

Repayment plan: When you take a loan with CashUSA, you have up to 70 months to repay it. With this time frame, repayment is flexible no matter how much you earn.

Educational materials: The company’s site has a variety of materials to help you correctly calculate what you owe, if any, and where you are on the credit score sheet.


  • Good loan sums
  • Quick payout time
  • Flexible repayment schedule
  • Security of information
  • No extra fees
  • Large customer base


  • Lots of personal information required
  • Monthly earnings of up to $1000
  • APR (annual percentage rate) that is too high

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA

#4. PersonalLoans: Best Online Lender For Personal Loans


What would you say if you knew you had a wider reach for the choice of a lender? Well, with PersonalLoans, you can rest assured that you will get a credible lender within its network. But if, for some reason, you are unable to get one, the company will reach out to a network of third-party lenders. The company hardly ever fails to find a suitable lender for its customers.

Part of the attraction of PersonalLoans is the loan amounts. If things go well, you may receive up to $35,000, which is a significant sum, no matter the emergency. To apply, fill in the form on the company’s site and provide the required details. PersonalLoans provides a reason for each personal or financial piece of information it needs. That way, it involves you in the process and builds trust between company and customer.

Within a few minutes of completing your application, the company sends it out to its lender network. And once a lender makes a reasonable offer, you will receive a notification directing you to the lender’s site for further negotiations. You may even receive the funds in 24 hours if there is a speedy process.

However, PersonalLoans does not accept customers with a bankruptcy report. You must be at least 18 years old with a social security number and a valid bank account to qualify. Also, the credit union will check your loan history and whether or not you have an outstanding one. In addition, your account must not be over sixty days late.


Vast online lender network: Beyond having the typical network of lenders that every loan company has, PersonalLoans also works with other lenders outside its network. That way, it can always find a lender for every customer.

Loan amount: Unlike others on our list, PersonalLoans offers up to $35,000 if you qualify. That is a considerable sum to cover many emergency needs, even hospital bills.

Service charge: PersonalLoans demands no payment for its services to customers. Note that you may not get this feature in every loan company.

Schedule of repayment: You can stretch your payment schedule within the 72 months the company offers for repayment. And if a particular payment date is unfavorable, you can request a change.


  • Loans of up to $35,000 are available right away
  • There are no service fees
  • A vast network of lenders
  • Application procedure is simple
  • No credit check is required
  • Quick fund deposit
  • Repayment schedule that is adaptable


  • Stringent eligibility requirements
  • Possibly high-interest rates

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PersonalLoans

#5. CreditLoan

If you are looking for a short-term loan with instant approval, creditLoan may be your best bet. Since its inception in 1998, CreditLoan has been providing quick loan services to Americans. Today, it has more than 750,000 customers who trust and recommend the company.

It makes no difference why you require an instant loan or what your minimum credit score is. CreditLoan has a platform where you can access up to $5000 with same-day approval. If you have bad credit, the company helps you repair it. If you can make payments when due and pay the stipulated amount each time, the company will make a report to credit bureaus in the country, where your credit history can be changed.

To apply for a loan, simply fill out the application online with the required information. This site is not one where you have to worry about the safety of your personal and financial information. CreditLoan is a safe site, verified and certified by McAfee and TRUSTe.

Submit the form, and the company will notify its lender network in just minutes. Once there are offers, the company redirects you to the lender’s site for discussion of terms. You can refuse an offer you don’t agree with, as long as you haven’t signed the agreement. However, you will have to wait for a new lender’s offer.

But if you come to an agreement with a lender, you can receive the money within 24 hours. That is if you provide your bank details and your bank does not stall the process.


Information protection: McAfee and TRUSTe approve of the security of information on the site. You have nothing to worry about the safety of your financial information.

Favorable interest rates: The interest rates on-demand from CreditLoan during repayment are reasonable and favor low-income earners. It does not matter if you have a bad credit score.

Quick results: It only takes minutes before the company sends your request out to lenders for offers after submitting your application. And once there is an agreement between you and a lender, it may take up to 24 hours for funds to be deposited.

Extra charges: With CreditLoan, you pay nothing for the loan application and lender services.

Repayment: CreditLoan has a superb repayment schedule for its customers, tailored to suit those who earn little.


  • Quick loan delivery
  • No credit checks
  • Favorable interest rates
  • Suitable repayment schedule
  • No service costs


  • Bank account required
  • Small loan sums

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CreditLoan

How We Made the List: Instant Loans With Same-Day Approval

Selecting the top instant loans with same-day approval was not a walk in the park. It was not done just by looking at the numbers, though those play a role. We looked at so many online options and what they had to offer. Then, we sifted through their services, comparing them to your primary needs as a borrower. Finally, we began to make the cut until we arrived at the five on our list.

What We Looked for? Instant Loans With Same-Day Approval

The following are the criteria we used to select the companies we believe you should use for instant same-day loans:

  • Application Process: Most of the companies that offer instant loans with same-day approval make the application process easy for anybody to apply without help. However, one or two of them have lengthy and complicated application processes. While this factor looks like a deal-breaker, it eliminates the need to visit the companies’ offices physically.
  • Online Lender Network: One factor that makes it easy to access and get instant loans is having online access. These days, companies connect you to the lender’s websites, so you don’t have to liaise with them face-to-face unless you both decide to go that route.
  • Speed of Transaction: Of course, it goes without saying that an important criterion for choosing the companies on our list is the speed of delivery. It won’t be an instant loan if you don’t get the funds within a short time.
  • Interest Rates: The interest rates accruing on the personal loans you take add to the total amount you have to pay back to the lender. So, while some companies offer reasonable rates, considering the time crunch, others leverage the emergency nature of the loan request to hike the rates. However, some go with the market rates, which tend to fluctuate from time to time.
  • Loan Sum: We also considered how much each company could make available on such short notice. Some of the companies on our list offer more than others, but you have to remember that how much you take will affect the interests it accrues.
  • Protection of Personal Information: We did not include companies that give out information without first getting your consent or companies that have a history of getting their sites hacked. Information protection is a crucial part of having an excellent experience with loan companies.

Detailed Guide for Instant Loans with Same-Day Approval

You may need an instant loan for different reasons, ranging from a late mortgage payment to a medical emergency. But before you opt for an instant loan, consider the following:

How Much You Need

If you are in a hurry to borrow money, you may miscalculate and end up with more or less than you need. You may think it does not matter if you take more than you need; there are always other bills to pay, right? But you also have to consider whether you can comfortably repay it.

While calculating, remember that some companies charge fees, such as origination fees. And those fees will come out of your loan sum. Therefore, add a little extra so that the money does not drop lower than you require. You can use a loan calculator to check how much monthly payments you’ll have to pay. You can also ask your lender to explain the details to you.

Available Options

It is vital to look at different loan options before settling for one. In an emergency, you may be in such a hurry that you choose the first viable option that comes your way. But the terms may not be favorable in the long run, and you may be neck-deep before you discover it.

Therefore, take a little time to research several options before settling on one. Check the interest rates, agreement terms, and penalties for late or no payments. That way, you will find the most suitable lender. That is one of the advantages of having multiple lenders.

Credit History

While the companies that made our list don’t exactly require excellent credit before giving a loan, there are lenders that check your credit history. Poor credit does not disqualify you from an instant loan, but it may attract unfavorable terms from a lender. They may try to demand exorbitant interest rates and impose restrictions.

However, if you do get an instant loan with favorable terms, use the opportunity to improve your credit score. Make payments on time and deposit the stipulated sum each time. Suppose you won’t be able to make a particular payment, report it to the lender, and ask for more time. Don’t dodge and refuse to pay what you owe.

Required Documents

Many loan companies do indeed make their application process easy. For instance, you can fill out and submit your application within minutes with the ones on our list. But you shorten the time and make the process smoother by having the required documents ready before starting.

You don’t want to go looking for a valid ID to upload halfway through the process. Some lenders may even require your employer’s contact to be sure you work and learn how much you earn. If you don’t have the information ready, it will lengthen the application time. And we all know that the faster you submit, the quicker you get results.

Repayment Schedule

Keep an eye on the dates you need to make your payments so you don’t miss any of them. The thrill of receiving the financial help you need and solving the problem may cause you to forget you have payments to make. If it helps, mark the dates on your calendar and check them every day.

Timely payments improve your credit score, even if you already have an excellent one. And you won’t incur penalties if you pay on time. It may even help you finish the repayment before the stipulated time.

Frequently Asked Questions On Loans With Same-Day Approval

Q1. Can I get a same-day loan with bad credit?

You can apply and get approval for a same-day loan even if you have bad credit. Some companies work with lenders that don’t mind the customer’s credit score. As long as you can provide a valid ID and a source of regular income, they will lend you the required sum.

However, people with bad credit tend to attract steep charges and rates. These rates and charges are even steeper if you want an instant loan. That does not mean you won’t find a few lenders with good terms. The most important step is to review the terms with a knowledgeable person, preferably a lawyer, before penning your signature.

Q2. What are the requirements for getting an instant loan?

For starters, you will need to provide your name, home address, phone number, and email address. Then, you also provide a valid means of identification, place of employment, evidence of employment and income, social security number, and proof of citizenship or permanent residency.

These requirements will vary from one company to another. Some may ask for less, while others may ask for more detailed information. The conditions may also depend on your credit score.

Q3. Is there a stipulation on what I can use the loan for?

A huge benefit of taking out a personal loan is that you can use it for whatever purpose you choose. Most personal loan companies don’t make it a requirement to know what it is meant for or stipulate how you spend it. You are free to spend the money according to your needs.

But a few lenders may want to know why you need the money. It is not to tell you what to do with it. It is mainly for documentation purposes. A handful uses the information you provide to determine whether or not you are responsible.

Q4. How do I choose the right lender?

The lender you choose should be willing to lend you the required amount. A lower amount is useless to you because it won’t be enough. The terms of the loan agreement must favor you and the lender; don’t settle for less.

Furthermore, check the fees and rates from the lender. It is a known fact that payday lenders tend to go with the market rate, which fluctuates. That may affect the total amount you have to repay and your total cash outflow per month.

Your lender may be willing to negotiate the rates and charges with you, especially if you have a good credit score.

In addition, check the late payment penalties and if the lender gives a period of grace for late payments. You can compare rates, charges, and penalties. Then, you can settle for the best offer.


Getting instant loans with same-day approval is no longer a thing of the past. Gone are the days of queueing up to submit loan applications with little or no guarantee of approval. From the comfort of your home, you can fill out a form online, submit it, and get a loan decision all within a few minutes.

If you choose any of the top five companies on our list, you are sure to get the best service and quick results. They connect you to credible lenders, and some don’t mind your credit history.

It goes without saying that you are in front of the line if you have an excellent credit history. But be aware that you need to provide some detailed information to a few lenders. And terms may not be favorable for poor credit, particularly interest rates and penalties. Overall, though, the odds are better today for a quick loan for all credit types.

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