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  • Courtesy of Andrew Levalley
  • Students Sort Out Dresses Before Seawolves Drag Ball Halftime Show

This year’s Burlington High School homecoming soccer game will feature many queens – drag queens, that is.

The school, which is teaming up with South Burlington and Winooski High to field the Seawolves football team, will host a halftime drag ball on Friday, October 15, in a game against St. Johnsbury Academy . Hosted by the school’s Gender-Sexuality Alliance club, the event will feature around 30 students and staff from Burlington and SoBu high schools strutting on a catwalk before performing a lip sync of “Rainbow Reign. “by Todrick Hall.

“I think it’s hard for boys to express a sissy side of themselves, and often this is maybe the side they like the most,” said Andrew LeValley, English teacher. in Burlington and the club’s educational advisor. “So it’s a time for them to literally put this on for the world to see, and take a few minutes and walk a trail and be proud.”

LeValley said he and a friend came up with the idea and then introduced it to club members, BHS manager Lauren McBride and Burlington athletic director Quaron Pinckney, who were all “on board. with enthusiasm. ”

Putting on a drag show at a football game, long considered a tough guy sport, is part of the goal, LeValley said. A Las Vegas Raiders National Football League player recently turned gay, and there are sure to be more in the league, he noted. Why can’t football have a softer side too?

“We have to assume that there are LGBTQ people everywhere, which includes[s] truly masculine spaces, ”said LeValley. “Why does this space have to be one way or the other?” It can be both, and there is beauty and benefits in it being both. ”

Judging by a recent spate of bad behavior at sporting events at Vermont High School, LeValley acknowledged that some “enemies” could show up and make a scent.

“I know our students, and I know our staff, and I know our community, and I think there will be overwhelming support for that,” he said. “And I think we’re going to rely on these people, who are in the majority, to stop the few bad apples.”

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