Country football veteran Perry Meka is suing Hoppers Crossing Football Club for alleged assault by a drunken spectator

“At what time [Meka] attempted to protest to these customers to get them to desist from participating in racial abuse.

It was then, according to court documents, that onlooker Darrin John McDonald, who Meka said was drunk and also engaged in racial abuse, “came from behind [Meka] and hit him on the head, thus causing [Meka] sustain serious injuries”.

The action is brought against HCFC, Hoppers Crossing Sporting Club and McDonald’s.

Perry Meka in 2004, during his playing days.Credit:Melanie Faith Dove

As a result of the assault, Meka claims, he suffered lingering injuries including flashbacks, chronic headaches, depression, emotional turmoil, severe post-concussive syndrome, PTSD, hypervigilance, anxiety and nightmares, according to court documents.

His traffic management business was shut down and he lost income, documents also say.

McDonald was charged with intentionally causing injury on the same day, but the charges were dropped by police in August last year.


Video taken of the incident shows Meka engaged in a dispute with a group of people shortly after the loss of St Albans at Hoppers Crossing, the sun herald reported.

Meka, a two-time Premier Coach and three-time National Premier Player, was previously in charge of operations and relations at VFL club Northern Bullants. He declined to comment through his attorneys.

Hoppers Crossing Football Club, Hoppers Crossing Sporting Club and McDonald have not yet filed a defense and no hearing date has been set. Not all of them responded to requests for comment.

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