Eastern Iowa High School football player makes history

A Jefferson High School football player recently made school history. Whenever you’re the first person to do something, I’d say that’s pretty awesome. Making the history books is something I think every high school athlete secretly wants to accomplish and this Jefferson High School kicker did it.

Lillian Ulrich is a two-sport athlete at Jefferson High and is now the first woman to score a point in a Jefferson High School college football game. His primary sport is soccer, and the varsity soccer team ran into an issue where they didn’t have a kicker. She was approached with the idea of ​​possibly kicking for the football team. It would be fair to say that she wasn’t too thrilled with the idea…at first. She told KCRG

Oh no, I’m not going out. I wanted nothing to do with it.

Turns out Lillian isn’t the only footballer in her family. She received an inspiration to play from her younger sister. Lillian has a younger sister named Lulu, who also plays football. She has been playing tackle football for years and is currently on her college team. Lulu told KCRG she loves being able to tackle.

I like hitting kids and I like catching the ball. You can hit the kids as hard as you want without getting in trouble.

Looks like Lulu has that footballing attitude that coaches talk about. I can think of a lot of NFL players who didn’t like to face their opponents. Does the name Deion Sanders ring any bells among football fans?

Lillian was able to find inspiration from her younger sister. She also admits to not being as tough as her. She told KCRG

I hate to say she’s like my idol, I was like she could do it, I could do it. She’s so tough because she actually plays, I mean she’s just not the kicker.

It hasn’t always been easy for Lillian, especially at the start of the season. Imagine trying to learn a new sport and also being one of the few, maybe the only, girl in the field. It’s not hard to imagine why this might be difficult to manage.

Through practice and hard work, she has improved greatly since the start of the season. She drilled on the field goals in training and she admits she still has to control her nerves during games. She told KCRG that she remembered wanting to quit at the start of the season and was still a bit nervous.

I was like ‘well, that sucks. My parents said, ‘I didn’t raise a quitter. The difference between being in the game is so many nerves like your racing heart and stuff.

Lillian was able to show off all of her hard work by recently scoring a field goal in Jefferson’s comeback football game. From that point on, she was cemented in the Jefferson High School record books. She told KCRG she was excited about the kick and hopes it can help open up opportunities for other girls.

I felt so good. I want to go home. I want to kick more. It’s great as if I could brag about it to my little sister. I feel like it opens up so many other opportunities for other girls who want to go out for football and are scared.

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