Encounter Bay Football Club welcomes footballing legend | The temperature

Football legend Dustin Fletcher visited Encounter Bay Football Club and coached the senior boys in training.

Fletcher said The temperature he liked to go out and move around in community clubs, like EBFC, because it was something he hadn’t experienced growing up.

EBFC were lucky to be the only club in the league to have been visited by the footballing great, who said he had family in the area and had visited as a child.

EBFC chairman Todd Butler said it was great to see someone of his caliber come to the club.

“It’s fantastic,” he said.

“He could mention one thing tonight that could inspire them to go further with their football.

“It’s good that our supporters come and listen.”

Fletcher stepped out onto the oval and spoke to the junior and senior colts about how their season was going.

“I’m going to take them to training… and talk a bit about leadership, what football is all about and my experience,” he said.

Fletcher was impressed that the Bays were traveling well and encouraged them to continue their game.

He was also impressed with the size of the club and the oval.

“I didn’t expect the football club to be so big,” he said.

“A fucking big pitch at first sight, it wouldn’t have suited me very well to play back.”

A few lucky players were able to have a one-on-one chat with Colts legend and senior player Riely Williams said it was exciting to have someone of his standing at the club.

“It’s pretty cool,” he said.

“When he played 400, it was crazy.”

After getting to know the players, Fletcher went through the A’s workout, they started with a light jog to warm up and then moved on to more serious drills.

A grade coach, Scott Wendelbon, said he was happy to hand over his team to Fletcher but said they would have an extra training session next week to keep the momentum going.

Wendelbon explained that he would seek out Fletcher’s mastermind on the art of spoiling.

“I think the art of spoiling has deteriorated, and he was damn good at it,” he said.

“if it comes from him, who is famous for it against the best of the best.

“He’s on a different level than I can say, or anybody else can say.

“People are remembering these little snippets of advice and starting to implement them.”

The real fun started once practice and the usual Thursday night club dinner were over.

With the club rooms packed, Fletcher took the stage to talk about his life and his impressive sporting history.

Everyone was eager to hear him speak, but only a handful admitted to being Essendon supporters, which amused Fletcher.

He talked about growing up around the AFL and watching his father, Ken Fletcher, play.

Fletcher was impressed to see so many father-son duos at the Bays and said he was proud that he and his father hold the record for the most combined father-son games played in AFL history.

Amazingly, Fletcher, who played 400 AFL games, didn’t play football growing up, tennis was his game.

He spoke about his first AFL game, when he was 17, against Carlton and explained that he expected to be on the bench for the whole game, it was only five minutes before the game that found out he would ruck and start the match. .

He got the first hit, which went straight to a Carlton player and the opposing team managed to score a goal in the first 40 seconds.

Fletcher then auctioned memorabilia, a brand new signed football, which fetched $250 and a brand new signed Guernsey, which sold for $500.

The crowd got to ask a few questions, the audience wanted to know more about current coach Ben Rutten and former coach Kevin Sheedy.

People also wanted to know about his career longevity and what it was like to play in the ANZAC round.

Fletcher described it as the best day in football.

During the evening, Fletcher spoke briefly about the 2013 and 2014 doping scandal, which he says ruined his love for the game and ultimately formed a big part of his retirement in 2015.

After the 80-minute speech, Fletcher remained in the club rooms to take photos, sign photos and chat.

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