Everyone still hates Arsenal Football Club and we still love it

Having not kicked a ball in competition for 18 days, the match against Wolves at Molineux was always going to be painful for Arsenal, even without considering the quality of the opposition.

The Premier League’s second-best defense this season had given most teams they faced a tough 90 minutes, one based on a solid defensive structure that conceded few chances and dominated aerial duels.

Taking the lead after 25 minutes from a set-piece put Arsenal on the path to what would have been a huge win in the context of the season – beating a European rival and enjoying their Champions League chasing their own slip-ups. their opponents.

Managing to do so after being down to ten men for the final 25 minutes added to the elation, which was evident throughout the squad and the roving support who enjoyed the glory of the three-pointer at full whistle. time.

Everyone still hates Arsenal and we still love them after Ruben Neves led the critical charge following celebrations in the 1-0 win over Wolves

Nothing wrong with that, is there? In fact, it would have been strange if there hadn’t been scenes of this nature.

Ruben Neves, however, saw things differently.

“We saw the way they celebrated the win and it shows the level we are,” he told the BBC. “I haven’t seen Arsenal celebrate like this in the last 10 years – it was like they won the league.”

Unaware of the ignorance of his claim – Arsenal have won four FA Cups in the “last ten years” – the saltiness of his anger was particularly pleasing. All her teenage moans made victory sweeter.

What was extremely bizarre was how much sentiment was split between supporters of rival teams. Arsenal have been called out for seeing their standards plummet, like an away win at a top team as you aim for a place in the Premier League’s top four after seeing the game with ten men is, for a any reason, an unacceptable reaction.

It is an exceptional load of absurdities. Truly remarkable, and it only adds to the growing hatred that everyone has accumulated for Arsenal over this season. Much like the vicious and unwarranted outpouring of disgust at the Gunners for having their legitimate request to postpone the North London Derby granted – the first of its kind for the club and one that literally prompted the FA to change the rules – the growing noise around Arsenal is something to bask in.

If the players and fans are so bitter at the idea of ​​Arsenal celebrating a victory in difficult circumstances, it means, once again, that the team is on the right track. This bewildering dissatisfaction is born out of frustration with success. Neves was annoyed as they lost ground in the table and everyone else who jumped on the bandwagon did the same.

Such outrage was not widespread when Man City went ballistic after snatching victory from Arsenal when they or they had a male edge, because again, the heap starts when it comes to the red and white ones.

While on this occasion at least there were journalists and other onlookers who wondered about the response to Arsenal’s reactions, it is still reassuring to know that everyone outside the North London bubble is angry for all the right reasons.

May it (continue) to continue for a long time.

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