“Everyone who came did a job” – Ebbsfleet United Football Club

Fleet’s incoming players did a great job securing all three points for their team against Hampton, Dennis Kutrieb said. The fleet boss made five changes to the side which lost at Maidstone in midweek, two of them securing the crucial goal and man of the match award.

“We saw a great game from Kieran, a great game from Woody, Chapman played a great game,” Kutrieb said. “I think everyone who came today did a good job for us. Maybe it was a solution for this game but we have the next game in three days and it’s not always about finding solutions for different players, sometimes it’s important that you can rest a few players if you don’t ‘m not mentally prepared, a bit mentally tired, I think that was also a reason for Tuesday.

“Every victory is important. Of course, after two defeats and heavy defeats, you have to find the right solutions to get back on track and I was very impressed with the boys. They worked very hard – especially in the first half. -time – and could have taken the lead with the penalty, but I think in the first 10 minutes we [also] had two or three good chances.

“The most important thing for me was to see the reaction of the boys. They have the right character and even when we conceded nine goals in two games everyone was aware that it wasn’t enough, that we have to work harder and we have to make sure we find the right solution – and that is one of my [responsibilities]. The boys have to work hard on the pitch and that’s what they did and that’s why I’m impressed with them…although the win could have been a bit easier if we had scored in the first half -time. But I take every win because three points is three points. Now we recover and recover quickly and then we are definitely ready for Dartford.

The winning goal of course came with some panache from Wood’s boot and Kutrieb was unsurprised by the quality of the strike.

“That’s what we see in all-day workouts,” he said. “He’s definitely capable of that, that’s why he’s playing in this position, he can be a big threat. Of course, he hasn’t played many minutes in the past and you could see that “He was a bit tired later in the game. But if we get him 100% fit, he’s a very good player all day for this league.

Alfie Egan was another who returned to the side and put in a classy performance in midfield – and Kutrieb said his players sometimes benefited from a spell out of the starting 11 or matchday squad.

“Maybe it helps when you sit on the bench and feel what it’s like to be on the bench,” he said. “Be fresh in your mind and be really eager to play games and be on the pitch and make an impact and score goals and win games or whatever, that helps sometimes. Even when we are not in the squad like Alfie Egan on Tuesday, he did not suffer [being] on the team [against Maidstone] and today he was back on the field. And he was everywhere, he covered all the ground and that’s what we have to do. We don’t have the green snag, we have to work hard for three points, it’s not like we play and get our wins.

Fleet might have led sooner, but for the Hampton goalkeeper kick, Alan Julian and Kutrieb brushed aside that missed opportunity to praise his side for digging deep to produce a game-winning goal.

“A penalty must be a goal. If the goalkeeper stops him, or [it hits the] crossbar or on goal of course we can talk about small margins. For me, a penalty must be a goal, it’s a great chance, it’s scoring from 12 meters and just you against the goalkeeper. But it’s good. Greg Cundle felt he would score for us and I have no problem [with him taking it].

“If you don’t score from a penalty you have to score like Woody did. You have to carry on with things – if it doesn’t work for you at some point you have to work harder and that’s what was very impressive to see as they dug deep for 90 minutes and made sure we didn’t concede.

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