Extra extra, read all about it: EMU soccer player announces plans for student-athlete book club

Steven Bird, who debuted on an Oct. 29 halftime special, is working on a new project to bring a student-athlete book club to campus.

Bird originally announced the idea in a video filmed by his teammate Tariq Speights on social media.

“As a student-athlete, I feel like we focus more on athletics. With this, I feel [Student Athlete Advisory Committee] should continue to be more than an athlete and I think we can start a book club for athletes,” Bird said in the video.

Bird hopes the book club will bring together student-athletes who enjoy reading and provide a space for athletes to talk freely about common interests.

“Well, here we are doing a book club video. We’re going to go ahead and actually I have the perfect idea for a book that we can use,” Bird said in a video. tracking on Instagram.

After a visit from published author Daron K. Roberts on Oct. 17, at a mandatory meeting for all student-athletes, Roberts gave each athlete a copy of his book “Call an Audible,” which will be the first group reading.

With the book club still in the early planning stages, the first meeting date has yet to be announced, but for more information and updates on the book club, follow @emusaac on Instagram.

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