After an investigation into an alleged racial slur committed on Electric City Football Club (ECFC) group of “The Current 1819” supporters on June 15, return to the stands for this Saturday’s men’s game against the Woodbridge Strikers.

The Current 1819 enters the stands to the beat of drums and smoke bombs before the kick off of every ECFC home game. Photo by Luke Best.

The team released a statement regarding the return of 1819 as League1 Ontario at the end of their investigation.

“Electric City FC are delighted to welcome The Current 1819 back to Fleming Field for this weekend’s ECFC Men’s game against the Woodbridge Strikers as the team prepares for the playoffs!

We thank them for their support and cooperation during the investigation which is now coming to an end with an official statement expected by the League and the two Clubs next week. We would also like to thank The Current 1819 management and its members for working with us to ensure that we create a positive, enjoyable and exciting ECFC game day experience for all. – Electric City Football Club

The incident happened during a women’s match against Simcoe County Rovers FC when a member of 1819 allegedly hurled a racial slur at the opposing team’s goalkeeper.

Several players have condemned the alleged actions and said racism has no place in the sport in previous interviews. Within the first 12 seconds of the following men’s game on June 22, ECFC, BVB IA Waterloo and the officials took a knee in silent protest at the incident and displayed a sign of unity.

“This is a very serious, very sensitive issue and I collectively support my team-mates,” said ECFC striker Ethan Gopaul. “There’s no place for that here and we both agree that it’s very important that it’s clear that we both support that.”

“We pretty much wanted to show both on and off the pitch that there’s zero tolerance for this,” said ECFC defender Josh Panello. .”

Fans released a statement a day after the controversial game.

“The Current 1819 set out from the start as an inclusive group of passionate football supporters. Our goal is to create an environment where our players feel supported, and visiting teams dread coming because they know we are the 12th person on our team.

However, there is a line. We strongly condemn any act of racism or fanaticism.

The Code of Conduct which covers fan behavior at Fleming Stadium was co-created by Electric City FC and Current. Any individual member found in violation will be asked to leave the stadium on the side of the group and the supporters. It’s been our policy since the first home game. None of our members, nor any of the security personnel in our section were aware of any racist language from the Current last night. The Current will fully support the club and League One Ontario in any investigation into last night’s allegations as racism has no place in football. – David Barney, The Current 1819

The men’s game kicks off at 3 p.m. against the Woodbridge Strikers at Fleming College.

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