First responders to be honored at NCHS football game



The Pioneer Athletic Booster Club plans to celebrate the Nebraska City area first responders in their final home football game on October 22 when the Pioneers face Lincoln Christian.

First responders were invited to come to the game and help the crowd and fans get excited about the competition. High school has a tradition of inviting bikers to come to the game, park in front of the gates and rev up their engines just as Pioneer players enter the field.

In this case, first responders line up their Fire, Rescue, Nebraska State Patrol, Otoe County Sheriff, and Nebraska City Police Department vehicles, then turn on the lights and sirens just before the players enter the field.

After the pre-match festivities, first responders will be invited to stay on the pitch and enjoy the match for free.

This event will prepare the crowd and players for the game and also provide the public with the opportunity to thank first responders for their service in helping to make the community a safe place to live and work.

Given everything that has happened with the pandemic, these first responders have been called upon to deal with difficult situations.

“With all the ongoing stress each of you have heard and / or experienced with the national events involving all of the first responders, we think this is a way to really let you know that the vast majority respect and appreciate everything. that you do for our community, ”said Patrick Wehling of the Booster Club.


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