Former Ferris State football player to serve jail time by plea deal

BIG RAPIDS – A former Ferris State University football player will serve at least 24 months in prison under a plea deal he accepted for his role in a home invasion and attempted sexual assault.

Marcus D. Matiere-Bey, 24, appeared Monday for a settlement conference hearing before the 49th Mecosta County Circuit Court.

Matiere-Bey has been charged with several counts of First Degree Trespassing, Attempted First Degree Criminal Sexual Behavior, Assault with Intent to Enter and Obstructing / Resisting a Police Officer.

The charges stem from a May 2021 incident where Matiere-Bey allegedly attempted to sexually assault a woman, inside her residence, on two separate occasions on the same night, according to a Big Rapids police report.

The victim said she was awakened by Matière-Bey, who was naked at the time, pulling her to the edge of her bed and attempting to assault her.

When the victim resisted, Matiere-Bey fled the apartment, but returned later as the victim called 911 a second time, the report says. When the victim cried out, Matière-Bey again fled on foot.

Big Rapids police then spotted Matiere-Bey running near the apartment – still naked from waist to toe – as they questioned the victim, according to the report. He was caught after a short foot chase.

Mecosta County District Attorney Amy C. Clapp reviewed the terms of a plea deal for Matiere-Bey during Monday’s hearing.

Under the agreement, Matiere-Bey pleaded guilty to first-degree home invasion and first-degree attempted criminal sexual behavior. In return, the remaining charges were dismissed.

A sentence of 24 months was recommended by the prosecutor’s office, in accordance with the agreement, and the sentences were to be served concurrently and not consecutively.

If the judge sentences Matiere-Bey outside of what has been agreed in the plea agreement, he can withdraw his plea.

Clapp noted that Matiere-Bey obeyed all conditions while on bail.

“However, he should be aware that if there are any breaches of obligations between now and sentencing, the court does not have to follow the sentence agreement,” she explained. “And because he violated his bond, he would not be allowed to withdraw his plea.”

Hill-Kennedy accepted the plea and set the sentence for March 7.

Matiere-Bey had been a member of the Ferris State football team since 2017, but was removed from the team in May following his arrest. He was not on the Bulldogs National Championship team.

Matiere-Bey is represented by Defense Counsel Robert Hackett.

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