Former Pro Bowler explains how Bears coach Matt Eberflus teaches defense – The Athletic

Even though Wednesday’s 7 a.m. meetings were called “Breakfast Club,” Sean Lee finished his coffee and breakfast early.

What awaited Lee and the rest of the Cowboys linebackers was their position coach, Matt Eberflus.

“I made sure to drink my coffee before I walked into that meeting room because he was waiting for you, ready to teach,” Lee said. “I liked it.”

When Lee entered the room, Eberflus had the entire game plan laid out on the board.

“What this team does really well in the running game, what they do really well in the passing game, what’s going to be different in the pattern this week, the little changes we’ve made,” he said. -he declares. “And then we talked about training. What fundamentals will we work on today in training and how will they play out in the game? It hit him on every level with so much detail.

“It resonated with me. It made me a better footballer.”

Before a Week 2 game against the Eagles in 2015, Eberflus told linebackers that if Darren Sproles was anywhere near the lineup in “21 rocket personals” — two H-backs, one tight end and two receivers wide – he received the ball.

Eberflus scoured all the looks in Philadelphia to know that the “21 Rockets” formation would highlight Sproles.

“If Sproles gets close to the box, you hit him,” Eberflus told Lee.

Early in the first quarter, Lee saw Sproles heading for the box on a jet sweep. He immediately recognized the key thanks to the early Wednesday morning meeting, meetings so detailed that Lee must have been caffeinated and with a full stomach.

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