George Blanda and Eddie George stand tall for Tennessee Titans – The Athletic

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the creation of fantasy football, The Athletic reviews the best fantasy players and fantasy seasons in NFL history.

A detailed look at the system used to rate historical fantasy performance can be found in our Top Fantasy Players of All Time introduction page, but here is a brief summary.

Fantasy player performance is adjusted through the era so that players who dominated during low-scoring eras can compete against players who racked up huge point totals in higher-scoring eras.

Once these adjustments are made, players are then credited for having a starter-caliber season (one point), a quality season (one point), an impact campaign (1.5 points), or being an elite starter (two points). These points stack up and are measured in both non-PPR and PPR and serve as the basis for determining who the best fantasy players in NFL history are.

Now that we’re done with the preliminaries, let’s take a look at the best fantasy players in Tennessee Titans team history!

(Note: The numbers listed below are for player performance on Titans.)

Fantastic all-time starting lineup

QB: George Blaanda

AR: Eddie George

AR: Chris Johnson

WR: Charley Hennigan

Answering machine: Kenny Burrough

TE: Frank Wycheck

SuperFLEX: Warren Moon

Quarterback – George Blanda

Blanda is remembered for his days with the Raiders, but he was a dominating fantasy quarterback in his seven seasons as a starter in Houston.

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