‘I would like someone like that at my football club’ – Jamie O’Hara thinks Manchester United should bring in club legend to fix ‘mentality’ at Old Trafford

Former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Jamie O’Hara has encouraged Manchester United to bring in club legend Roy Keane after their Manchester derby defeat.

Manchester United were outclassed by Manchester City in the Premier League on Sunday. Jadon Sancho scored for United between two Kevin de Bruyne goals. Riyad Mahrez scored a brace in the second half to complete the 4-1 thrashing.

The Red Devils appeared to have admitted defeat after conceding the third goal and played with it for the rest of the game. Several players have been rightly criticized since the game, including Harry Maguire, Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Fred carrying the weight.

O’Hara claimed the club needed the leadership of someone like Keane.

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Keane is obviously regarded as one of the best captains United have ever had and is known for his direct, sometimes brutal approach. Talk to talkSPORTO’Hara said:

“Why don’t they catch Roy Keane?” Not as a manager, but why isn’t Roy Keane involved at Manchester United? Tell me why he’s not involved.”

He explained how much United needed Keane’s mentality and leadership at the club. He said:

“He’s not just an ex-player, he was the captain of the most successful team in the Premier League. Surely, if I was Man United, and I heard him [Keane] every week on Sky, I wish someone like that at my football club. We have to get this guy in and get these players to have that mentality, have him around, surely?

He added:

“When you play football you have to have that leadership. You have to have those people who can dig into something and roll up your sleeves and fight for each other.

Manchester United players accused of not wanting to do well for the club

Jamie O’Hara has accused the team of not wanting to do well for the club. Stressing the importance of bringing in someone like Roy Keane, O’Hara said:

“I just look at this Manchester United team and they are full of talent, but I just don’t know if they have a heart, a desire. I don’t know if that’s out of the game, maybe they’re worried about a Roy Keane coming in and messing people up. I think you need that in football.”

Several players who are or were permanent players on the bench have gone to other clubs and have performed well recently. Jesse Lingard was a star at West Ham United last season for the second half of the season, contributing 14 goals in 16 appearances.

Donny van de Beek and Anthony Martial are also proving their worth for their new clubs. They joined Everton and Sevilla respectively in January.

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At Manchester United there is obviously a lot of talent, as O’Hara claimed. However, the lack of work rate has led to the team underperforming regardless of the tactical system or the opposition they are playing against.

The club have changed managers regularly in recent years, but have failed to bring in consistent players in crucial positions. Currently, the road back to the top seems to be tediously long for the club.

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