IFAB Assembly allows 5 substitutions per football match

Football teams can continue to use five substitutes per match, the rule having been made permanent by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) at its meeting yesterday.

Decision-makers also said at their meeting in World Cup host Qatar that the number of substitutes on a squad roster could be increased from 12 to 15.
The use of five substitutes instead of three began as a temporary measure in 2020 amid match congestion when football restarted during coronavirus.

It was extended several times before being made permanent thanks to the “strong support of the entire football community”.
Coaches currently have three slots during a game, plus half-time, to make substitutions.
He has been used in most major leagues since 2020, although the English Premier League returned to three substitutions last season.

Yet his clubs have agreed on five for 2022/2023.
The assembly also received an update on semi-automated offside technology to help referees and their assistants.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino and their Chief Referee Pierluigi Collina spoke positively about the camera-based technology that could be used at the Qatar World Cup.

“It looks very good and promising. Our experts will look at it before deciding whether or not to use it at the World Cup,” Infantino said of the technology being tested at the Arab Cup and the FIFA Cup. club world.
Collina said they were in no rush because “we want to make sure it works perfectly.”

In other rulings, the IFAB extended testing for additional permanent concussion substitutions until 2023, preferring that to temporary substitutions.
Kicks instead of throw-ins, referees explaining key decisions during matches and fairer playing time were also discussed and according to testing would require IFAB and FIFA permission.

Meanwhile, the assembly also approved tests with body cameras for referees in grassroots matches to better protect officials.
“It can’t happen on any pitch in the world that players who are related attack the referee,” Infantino said.

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