ITV quiz contestants fail to get historic North Wales Football Club answer


One of North Wales’ oldest football clubs has appeared on the ITV Winning Combination quiz show hosted by comedian Omid Djalili.

Cefn Druids, the Cymru Premier club based in Cefn Mawr near Wrexham, was one of the right answers available when host Djalili asked contestants for places and things associated with “The Rock”.

The competitors however decided to go for Gibraltar and Alcatraz, also correct answers.

The format of the TV show means that contestants are given a randomly assigned number and have to answer a number of general knowledge questions and try to earn more points than the rest, trying to earn a place in the combination.

They then have 30 combined seconds to answer the number of general knowledge questions equal to their number.

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Although the candidates answered with two of the three correct answers, they missed Cefn Druids with host Omad Djalili revealing the druids as the other correct answer.

The club’s official Twitter account shared the video on its news feed, exclaiming “We made national television in a quiz.”

The Druids are one of the oldest clubs in Wales. Nicknamed The Ancients, they played an extremely important role in the early years of the game in Wales and were formed in 1872 by Llewelyn Kenrick, who would later form the Football Association of Wales.

Until recently they could boast of being the oldest club in Wales but new evidence emerged a few years ago that Wrexham AFC formed earlier than previously thought and now , they claimed that particular title.

The club are one of the most successful in Wales, having won the Wales Cup eight times and appearing in 14 finals. However, the team have struggled lately and are currently at the bottom of the Cymru Premier.

Do you remember any other North Wales clubs mentioned on national television? Let us know in the comments section below.

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