Judge: Michigan football player banned cannot anonymously sue school | College football


A lawsuit filed by a Michigan state football player against the university and its athletic department was dismissed Friday because the player did not include his name on the record.

The lawsuit – claiming the player’s Title IX rights violated as he is indefinitely suspended from the football team as an investigation continues into an alleged sexual assault involving him – was dismissed without prejudice by the district judge American West Hala Jarbou.

The judge denied the complainant’s request for an extension to file an amended complaint, saying the player would not be allowed to proceed anonymously.

“The plaintiff’s anonymous request for an extension of time does not address the court’s concerns about the need for an open court process,” Jarbou wrote. “If and when the plaintiff is ready to proceed under his own name, he can do so by filing a new complaint.”

The lawsuit was filed under the name “John Doe”. On October 14, the judge dismissed a request to proceed anonymously and set a deadline Thursday for an amended complaint that included the complainant’s full name. A motion for an extension was filed on Thursday, but Jarbou rejected the request and dismissed the case.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff was identified as a sophomore with a full scholarship to the state of Michigan. The school “did not respond to the Plaintiff’s requests to reinstate the Plaintiff into the squad during the grievance process, and, in particular, during the 2021 fall football season which is currently underway. course, “according to the complaint.

In January 2021, Jane Doe, a student who is also an intern with the soccer team, alleged that the complainant and another player assaulted her, according to the lawsuit. The complainant, who claims the intercourse was consensual, said the allegation was reported to a trainer after being questioned by police “on or around February 3”.

The next day, according to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was suspended by coach Mel Tucker, barring him from all team activities, a suspension which continues.

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