Junior football club Matthiola buys 11 additional defibrillators

DEDICATED members of a junior football club in Warrington worked to ensure the presence of potentially life-saving devices at games.

Matthiola JFC, which offers free-age aged five a chance to play football in the Penketh and Great Sankey areas, has bought a further 11 defibrillators.

The club felt they needed to act after watching Danish professional Christian Eriksen collapse on the pitch during the European Championships last summer.

The fundraiser allowed all players to have access to a defibrillator in case of emergency.

Posting on social media, the club said: “We are extremely proud to say that we have now secured another 11 defibrillators for the club.

“This means that each of our 20 teams will each have their own defibrillator with them during home and away games and in training.

“Our teams play in quite remote locations in the North West which may be inaccessible to medical services, or where critical time would be lost in the event of a cardiac emergency.

“We all saw the impact on Christian Eriksen during the Euros, and that was followed by lives saved in Premier League games through the use of defibrillators.

“They really make a huge difference when called upon, and as a committee we knew this was a risk for our club and we had to do something about it and quickly.”

Since the summer, the club have worked hard to raise more than £7,000 in funds needed to spend on defibrillators.

He says he is in a much better place now if anything happens to players, opposing players, coaches and parents.

The club added: “A huge thank you to the Cheshire Community Foundation, Co-op, London Hearts and the parents who donated to our Just Giving page.

“It’s a phenomenal achievement for any football club, and it will be incredibly rare at grassroots level.

“Every penny we earn as a club from our players’ subscriptions is reinvested to improve ourselves, whether in training, pitch improvements or equipment.

“Our club continues to go from strength to strength, both on and off the pitch.”

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