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For the first time in its history, a football team has been created on the small isolated island of Kastellorizo.

After relentless efforts, “Athletic Club Megisti Kastellorizo” participates in the third category of the local Dodecanese Island football league.

“The association was founded mainly for national reasons,” secretary of the club’s board of directors, Michalis Loizos, told NAMA.

Loizos is one of the founders of the club and works hard to achieve the goal.

“We are also looking to create a football pitch so that the young people of the island can gather around the club and get involved in football and sport in general. Efforts are already being made in this direction and it is expected that there will be results soon, ”he said.

The team’s home ground for now is the Kremasti Stadium in Rhodes.

The club has 25 footballers, some of whom come from Kastellorizo.

The goal in the coming years is to support the team with as many children as possible from Kastellorizo ​​and to build a stadium on the island to host matches.

“The whole effort has been embraced by the local community,” Loizos said, stressing how important it is, for national reasons, to have this football team.

He also highlighted the great contribution of the club president, Giannis Hatzimanolis, a businessman from Rhodes.

The club is also in collaboration with the municipality of Megisti, which should support this effort both in terms of operations and the construction of a stadium and sports facilities on the island of barely 500 inhabitants.

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