Las Cruces Recall Clubs Raising Funds for Hospitalized Organ Mountain Football Player

LAS CRUCES — The recall clubs of Las Cruces’ four major high school football teams have begun raising money for Abraham Romero, the Organ Mountain High School football player who remains in a medically induced coma after collapsing on the field during the Knights game against Deming Friday night.

Organ Mountain, Centennial, Mayfield and Las Cruces High Schools have pledged to donate all proceeds from their fundraising efforts to Elizabeth Alonzo, Romero’s mother.

The Mayfield and Organ Mountain booster clubs will donate their shares of the 50/50 raffle at Thursday’s upcoming game between the two schools to the family of four, and Centennial is collecting fuel cards, gifts and checks in addition to a $1,000 donation from his latest 50/50 raffle. Las Cruces High has reached out to the families of its football players asking for donations, with one anonymous donor pledging to personally match the school’s fundraising efforts.

The city’s four major high school football teams will collectively hold a 9 a.m. to noon car wash Sunday at Three Crosses Regional Hospital, 2560 Samaritan Drive, Las Cruces. All proceeds will go to the Romero family.

“It’s a community, and seeing someone’s kid like that is tough,” said Amanda Carreon, president of the Las Cruces High Booster Club. “As a mom, your heart bleeds for this family.”

The Organ Mountain Booster Club has asked Cashapp donors $elizabtro so the funds can go directly to Romero’s family. 8509 are the last four digits of the phone number. Donors can also call Organ Mountain High School at 575-527-9430 to inquire about the possibility of donating.

“I’m grateful to them for doing something like this,” said Alonzo, the main supplier of a four-person house. Alonzo won’t be able to work until Romero fully recovers. “I knew my son was loved by people, but I didn’t know he was so loved by so many people.”

“As many prayers as possible”

Romero, a senior running back and center linebacker, remains in the intensive care unit at El Paso Children’s Hospital. Alonzo said the 17-year-old was in stable condition after being rushed from the football field to Mimbres Memorial Hospital in Deming, where he was later airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Deming. El Paso. Romero has been unconscious since suddenly collapsing between sets in Friday’s game.

Alonzo said Romero could be in a coma for up to two weeks and she said doctors don’t know what caused Romero to lose consciousness.

Abraham Romero, number 22, carries the Organ Mountain Knights sword to the field Friday August 26, 2022 in Deming.  Romero, running back and center linebacker, is one of the team's leaders, head coach Steve Castille said.

“My point for making this public and letting it be known is for Abraham to have as many prayers as possible because. at this point, it’s really the only thing that can get my son out of this,” Alonzo said.

Sports Accessories plans to provide helmet decals honoring Romero for Organ Mountain players to wear the rest of the season, and Organ Mountain and Mayfield plan to hold a group prayer on the field ahead of Thursday’s game at 7 p.m. at the Field of Dreams.

Organ Mountain head coach Steve Castille said other schools in the district have reached out to offer help and resources.

“Soccer is a good community and the people of Las Cruces are a good community,” Castille said. “Even though we are rivals, other schools have reached out to us and we will use these resources as we go along.”

Mayfield has raised $2,000 since her booster club meeting Monday night, and Centennial has received donations from 15 families. The Las Cruces High Booster Club also plans to donate directly from its booster funds.

“He’s everything you want to train”

Castille says Romero is the team’s undisputed leader on and off the pitch.

“He’s our starting middle linebacker, he’s the one who allows us to line up defensively. You hope every good team will have a kind of heart and soul type that will partner with the coaches and be an extension of the coaches on the pitch, and that’s that guy,” Castille said. “In the weight room, he’s the one who keeps us going. He’s an amazing kid. Whenever I have a teacher who says the name “Abraham Romero”, I never worry about the next thing that comes out of his mouth. It’s always, ‘What a respectful kid, what a great kid.’ He’s everything you want to train. He is all that matters to you.

Castille said the team was hurting after losing a brother and a leader, but he wrote on Romero’s fundraising webpage that “Abe is our greatest fighter and he will fight.”

He asked for prayers for Romero and his family.

“I’m not sure exactly how to help his family, but I know our Knight family will rally together to help him any way they can,” Castille wrote.

Sports journalist Stephen Wagner can be reached at or @stephenwag22 on Twitter.

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