Liverpool fan claims Mo Salah ‘is a much better football player than Wayne Rooney ever was’

The Reds fan took to social media to voice his opinion, tweeting: “Unpopular opinion: salah is a much better football player than Rooney ever was. The English tax makes Rooney more handsome. Rooney lives on that bike goal in the derby.

As the tweet shows, the Liverpool fan’s opinion was not popular. As many fans responded with their own take on the matter.

One fan said: “salah isn’t even a better footballer than Anderson to begin with. Top scorer yes, best football no. Rooney could play any position on the court.

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A few have argued Rooney’s case saying the former England man was versatile enough to play in multiple positions on the pitch. To which one fan bluntly replied: “Those who say Rooney can play in any position should remember the saying ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. salah is clear.”

A United fan escaped the fact that the original tweet mentioned Rooney “living” off that cycling goal with a response including some of Rooney’s most notable achievements. The tweet read: “Rooney lives on that one goal, the goal against Arsenal aged 16. Being United and currently England’s top scorer. Top 3 assists & goals in PL. APF and Young Player of the Year and 13 major trophies.

Image Credit: Alamy
Image Credit: Alamy

It’s easy to see why Liverpool fans would be on salahbecause he’s been such an important player since moving to Anfield back in 2017.

In its first season, salah was scoring goals for fun as he broke records left, right and through. He set a new record for most goals scored in a 38-game Premier League season with 32, moving ahead of players like Christian RonaldoAlan Shearer and Luis Suarez.

He also became the fastest player in Liverpool history to score 40 goals for the club, having achieved the feat in just 45 games.

salah hasn’t looked back since his debut season and to date has scored 157 goals in 255 appearances for the Anfield club.

Image Credit: Alamy
Image Credit: Alamy

Rooney, on the other hand, also boasts impressive records, in 559 appearances for United he managed 253 goals. And is also England’s all-time leading goalscorer.

The former striker was also named the winner of the 2004 Golden Boy award.

Although the debate continues, one thing is certain, the two salah and Rooney are two of the best players to ever play the game.

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