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Longford Football Club will serve up dry ground and arguably the best hot fries from a northern canteen for the NTJFA Grand Final on Sunday. After a wet and muddy preparation, NTJFA chairman Paul House said Longford’s pitch had dried up well and was ready to host the nine games scheduled for Sunday. “Because of the wind, we didn’t have to do much [to dry out the ground]. The advice was really good, they rolled the floor a few times and rolled it again on Friday, ”House said. The roller levels the ground, removes divets and allows the grass to grow back evenly. Longford Football Club President Jonny Dodd received confirmation on Monday evening that he would host the grand final, creating some eventful days for the club. year we had a very good turnout. At one point there were almost 800 people here at a time. Spectators are capped at 1,000, which is the same limit as last year. Dodd said Monday night the ground was still fairly soft underfoot, but on Thursday the ground had hardened and he expected it to be pretty good by Sunday. Longford was chosen to host the Grand Final by the clubs because of its exceptional facilities, lights and ability to host all nine games of the day. “It ticked a lot of boxes,” House said. “It has modern changing rooms and modern facilities … [and] the best canteen in football in the north, I think. “There were negative reactions about the change of venue, but Mr. House said only five of the NTJFA games were to be played at UTAS.” We had booked UTAS for nine games, then a few weeks a few days ago we were told we weren’t able to play all nine games at UTAS… three years. We haven’t played a Grand Final there since 2018. ”Masks are not required in NTJFA Grand Final matches. All matches will be streamed live on the NTJFA Facebook page.


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