Our head coach spoke to iFollow Barnsley after a 1-0 home loss to the Imps.

A goal was once again enough to force the Reds to defeat in our first league encounter with the Imps since 1976.

The breakthrough was made by Daniel Mândroiu on the stroke of half-time, after a raked ball from Jack Diamond found the first which dispatched coolly into the bottom corner. Duff felt the goal was easy to concede from the Reds’ perspective.

“We concede their only shot on target in the match – a bad goal to give away”, he asserted. “Once you’ve given a goal or an opportunity to a team like that, they just want to sit down and hit you on the counter.

“They do it well, we knew that’s what they would do.”

Despite a brilliant opener from the Reds, the 44-year-old felt his side weren’t good enough in the final third on Tuesday night to justify finding a way past Carl Rushworth in the Lincoln goal.

“Frustrating,” he admitted. “We moved the ball, opened it several times and we just couldn’t find the last ball.

“Whether it’s a cross or a pass. It’s kind of where we are. We’ve entered good areas so many times and we couldn’t find that little bit of quality that we lacked in the last two weeks.”

Throughout the match, the Reds racked up six corners and won several free-kicks from crossing areas on the pitch.

The boss was unhappy with how his team used these opportunities during the game.

“Another frustration is that we had wide corners and free kicks, it’s an opportunity to score a goal.

“It’s not about ‘center forwards missing a lot of chances’, it’s about the ball, the last ball, the last pass – it wasn’t good enough tonight.”

Obviously, although disappointed with the result, Duff was encouraged by the way the Reds used the ball against Lincoln compared to Saturday’s performance against Morecambe.

The gaffer explained which game elements he was most satisfied with, while admitting that the pattern of the game led to his team becoming more pressured in possession as time went on.

“I thought it was better than Saturday” he said. “At Morecamve we just started taking potshots from everywhere. We didn’t do that [on Tuesday], we kept it in the first third. We tried to almost improve the chance, instead of just having a shot from 40 yards.

“The last 20 minutes get disjointed. The players are human beings, they’re not stupid. They desperately want to get back into the game. It wasn’t for lack of effort or commitment today. account, we were defeated by our lack of quality and a clinical Lincoln.”

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