It was until the 64th minute, when the game’s first and only goal was scored by Woodruff of Brighouse with a blow to Burnley goalkeeper – and captain – Lauren Bracewell who could do nothing to prevent the effort to rebound at the back of his net.

As the visitors closed shop after getting ahead, Bee’s team searched and pushed for an equalizer, but faced a resolute low block from Brighouse.

Both Katie Thomas and Lucia Molinari were introduced to the bench, but the Clarets’ best second-half chance came five minutes from time thanks to Courtney Willis.

The forward ended up on goal, and only a final block from a Brighouse defender stopped Burnley from leveling the goal as she aimed for the goal.

A first loss in five for Bee’s side, who will then face an away trip against Wolves on Sunday, October 24.

Burnley: Bracewell, Bickett (Thomas 69 ‘), Fleck, Wilson (Molinari 93’), Dani Cooper, Greenalgh, Dom Cooper (Dykes HT), Hamer, Ravening, Willis, Priestley

Subtitles: Farrell, Saunders

Brighouse: Maguire, Bamforth, Gompertz, Legge, Cass, Fields, White, Whitham, Woodruff, Embley, John

Subtitles: Williams, Dobson, Watson

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