Mino Raiola, the prosecutor of the famous footballer

Mino Raiola Died at the age of 54. The news was released by the family of football’s most famous prosecutor, with a statement posted on the agent’s Twitter profile: “With infinite pain we announce the death of Mino, the most outstanding prosecutor of all time. Mino fought until the end of the match “the last moment with all his might”. As he did in defense of footballers. And again he made us proud of him, without even realizing it. He then added: “Mino has been a part of the lives of many players and has written an indelible chapter in the history of modern football. He will be forever missed and his project to make football a better place will continue for players who share the same passion.

“We will extend our deepest thanks – we still read – to those who were close to him. We ask everyone to respect the privacy of their family and friends at this time of great pain.” Raiola had surgery in January and his condition was already serious. He had been ill for some time.

Raiola was born in Nocera Inferiore, grew up in the Netherlands and started working as a boy in his parents’ pizzeria. He was one of the richest clients. Take care of interests like Ibrahimovic, Pogba, Verratti And Donnarumma: Negotiations with companies were stressful. He didn’t get up and they weren’t done until he managed to land the best deal with multiple zeros for his clients. The news of his death spread on Thursday, but… Falsely proven by the hospital and the family.

Agnelli: “Don’t make fun of the sky, I love you”

“Don’t laugh at heaven, they know the truth…tvb Mino.” With this tender letter written in English (“Don’t piss in heaven, they know the truth…”), the chef Juventus, Andrea AgnelliHe welcomed his friend Mino Raiola on Twitter.

Marotta: “We are losing a great friend and professional”

Same CEOInterAnd Baby MarottaRaiola remembered: “My heart is saddened by the death of Mino, a friend and a great person. The world of football is losing a great professional. We have lived together many positive moments, of cooperation and work. intense, with some contradictory but always true, in respect for people and professionalism.The memories – as Marotta said – are many, one especially the double operation on Pogba with the passage from Manchester United to Juventus and from Juventus to United. A great masterpiece in which Raiola played an important role. The world of football is losing a great professional, often criticizing the system, but his criticism was very constructive for better football than ever.”

Milan: “We gather around the Raiola family”

coat of arms of Milano A symbol of mourning in memory of Mino Raiola. This is how the Rossoneri club remembers the king of prosecutors, gathered around his family. “Milan gathers around the family of Mino Raiola and the people who were dear to him on the day of his death”.

De Laurentiis: The disappearance of Raiola hurts us

“The news of Mino Raiola’s death saddens me and all of Naples. Our deepest condolences and closeness to his family. These are my condolences to the chef Naples, Aurelio de LaurentiisOn Twitter about the disappearance of the Italian-Dutch agent.

Galliani: ‘innovator and faithful friend’

Adrian Galliani He is affectionately close to his family and mourns the passing of his dear friend Mino, a brilliant football manager, innovator in his sector and always faithful in negotiations. rest in peace. This is the message that appeared on the Twitter profile of . Monza.

Capello: “Raiola is Ibrahimovic for me”

“For me, Mino Raiola is linked to Ibrahimovic, the first time I met him he was his agent.” It’s the first anniversary of Fabio Capello The Public Prosecutor died on April 30 following a long illness. “He was a good person. He built a fortune and, in a good way, a great ability: he showed he could do what a prosecutor should be able to do.

Moggi: I took him for what everyone called a pizza maker

“Mino Raiola was a friend, he was born with me when I was general manager of Juventus,” he said. Luciano Mogi for Tutomercatoweb -. When everyone called him pizzaiolo, I paid him the greatest attention because I understood who he was. I’m sorry so many people played on his death when it wasn’t right.

Udinese: “The reference of world football”

“Gino Pozzo and allUdinese Calcio They express their condolences on the untimely death of Mino Raiola, a leading sports agent on the world football stage. Our sincere condolences to the Raiola family.

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