Missing 11: Word the football match and team composition puzzle from the creators of Who Are Ya? explained – how to play

Think you can choose all 11 names from an iconic starting lineup – Missing 11 is the Wordle spin-off for you

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But this game was actually made by a team with proven experience in wordle/soccer mashups.

Missing 11 was their first version of the Wordle formula, and it’s a formula that’s sure to have football fans racking their brains.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is Wordle?

Anyone familiar with the Mastermind game, which uses colored pegs, will immediately be familiar with the premise of Wordle.

What time does Worlde reset? (image: PA)

The objective of the game is to guess a secret 5-letter word in six tries, using a series of clues to discover it.

  • If one of your letters is highlighted in green, it means you have the right letter in the right place.
  • If any of the letters are highlighted in yellow, that means those letters are in the word, but are currently in the wrong place.
  • Finally, if one of your letters is highlighted in gray, it means that these letters are not included anywhere in the secret word.

How does Missing 11 work?

It can be quite intimidating to hear that Missing 11 presents players with 11 Wordle puzzles daily.

However, unlike other multiple puzzle variations – like Octordle – you don’t juggle all 11 at once and can tackle each in isolation.

In Missing 11, you’re looking to complete the starting lineup of a team that played in a famous match in football history.

For example, on the day of writing this article, the challenge was to name all the starting players for Arsenal in their 4-2 win over Liverpool in April 2004.

Players are presented with a football pitch covered with the blank shirts of every player in the position they have played.

The number of stars under each player matches the number of letters in their last name; it’s not necessarily five-letter words here.

Clicking on a player takes you to their own Wordle-like puzzle page, where you have six guesses to guess their name.

Again, the letters that appear in green are correct and in the correct place; the yellow letters appear in the name but in a different place; and the shaded letters are not included in the final answer at all.

How can I play it?

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