Offense outperforms defense in UNA Spring Football game

FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – UNA’s training ground, not Braly Stadium, was the site of the annual spring soccer match as the purple team took on the white team in front of a solid crowd.

The offense technically took the win in this one, but regardless of the outcome, it was a great night for the Lions program as a whole.

A lot of things felt different in this year’s spring game. The Lions were at their training ground rather than the Braly stadium, and there was also half-time entertainment. More importantly, it is the first game of the spring for the team since its transition to a division and Willis coach and his guys could really make a difference.

“You have to understand that we’ve been playing what we consider exhibition football for the last two years,” head coach Chris Willis told News 19. “I mean nothing mattered yeah you win and you have a winner and a loser but it’s just hard it’s hard to motivate it’s hard to recruit and he’s just a different man you can just feel it here they now let us sit at the big boys table.

The Lions played their fair share of tough teams in preparation for transition finishing the 2021 season with a 3-8 record.

“Oh, it’s amazing, all the hard work has paid off,” said redshirt senior wide receiver Cortez Hall. “We’ve been competing with the best of the best and now we can play for something that matters a lot.”

The Lions open the 2022 season Sept. 1 in Terre Haute, Indiana, when they take on Indiana State.

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