Paul E Football Club signs partnership agreement with Romanian team

A side view of the Abuja football ground with some female footballers

An Abuja-based football club, Paul E Football Club, signed a partnership agreement with Romanian team Best Sports GM International over the weekend.

The deal which has been endorsed by Cristian Hossu, the Chief Executive of the organization and Paul E Football Club President Chikebebe Somtochukwu aims to properly position the Academy in empowering the club’s youth players in the leather-round game .

According to Paul E FC President Chikebebe Somtochukwu, the Romanian team who is a FIFA licensed agent with ties to various clubs in Europe and beyond.

“This outfit would help our young players add value to what we do at the Academy”

He said the scout was in Nigeria recently, where he got to see the abundance of talent linked to the country, and felt the scout would help place players in various clubs.

Mr Somtochukwu said his team had organized a scouting program which involved Jay 1 Academy, Camp Utd, Paul E Club, Gamji Sports, Future Guarantee and Hamada Academy. The program took place on August 19.

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