Pinks beat Blues in HHS Powderpuff football game

After a scoreless first half, the Houston High School seniors and freshmen scored 14 unanswered second-half points to beat the juniors and sophomores 14-0 in a game Powderpuff Football Thursday night at Tiger Stadium.

Despite cold conditions, the two teams battled it out for two 20-minute halves, with the clock running continuously until the 2-minute mark in each period when it stopped for incomplete passes or when a runner went out of bounds. Seniors and freshmen wore pink and were led by senior head coach Harold Lassiter and freshman assistant coach DJ Riley, while juniors and sophomores wore blue and were guided by junior head coach Wyatt Hughes and second-year assistant Jordan Arthur. Each team is entitled to 2 time outs per half.

Midway through the first half, the blue team threatened when junior Angie Smith ran 42 yards to the pink 5-yard line. But moments later, Pink senior Olivia Crites intercepted a pass near the 1-yard line and returned it to the 10.

Pink team senior Olivia Crites takes the ball the other way after intercepting a pass at the 1 yard line during the first half.

The Roses then moved the ball deep into blue territory and had a first down at the 16-yard line after two big gains on runs from senior Katie Jo Chipps. But the blue defense held on and the Roses turned the ball over on tries at 10 with around 4 seconds left at halftime.

Then, on the first play of the second half, Chipps took a relay from Arthur and ran 65 yards down the right side of the field for a touchdown. After senior Karlee Curtis ran left for a 2-point conversion, the Pinks led 8-0.

Beginning the next series on their own 35-yard line, the Blue team went on a drive for about 13 minutes, only to return the ball in tries at the Pink 18 with 6:20 left in the contest.

The pink team took advantage and moved the ball again, earning a first down at the Blue 42 after the quick Chipps ran another 35 yards.

Pink team senior Olivia Crites tries to snatch a flag from rotating blue team junior Angie Smith during the second half.

Then, with 56 seconds left in the game, Curtis took off the hand of QB Arthur and ran 26 yards for a touchdown, using a timely spinning motion to avoid being stopped just short of crossing the goal line. A 2-point run failed, but the final score was on the board.

Arthur also had one interception for the Pinks in the first half, while Smith was a defensive force for the Blues, recording 6 tackles in the first half and another 5 in the second half.

The contest was a fundraiser for the HHS H Club, an organization for student-athletes who have written in any varsity sport that “works to promote school pride and support within the department sports”.

Team Pink head coach Harold Lassiter talks to his players during a first half time out.


Pink Team (Seniors/Freshmen)

Gracie Alexander, 12 years old

Makenzi Arthur, 12 years old

Mackenzie Bryan, 12

Katie Chipps, 12

Olivia Crites, 12 years old

Karlee Curtis, 12

Karly Drake, 12 years old

Madi Roseau, 12 years old

Isabelle Richardson, 12 years old

Emma Scroggins, 12 years old

Aliyah Walker, 12 years old

Natalie Clinton, 9 years old

Carli Cummins, 9 years old

Loran Drake, 9 years old

Halie Hamilton, 9 years old

Madison Meier, 9 years old

Gracyn McNiell, 9 years old

Addison Neugebauer, 9 years old

Shiane Parish, 9

Kayla Wagner, 9 years old

Maggie Wolfe, 9 years old

Blue team (Juniors/Sophomores)

Addison Cook, 11

Anna Gale, 11 years old

Cherie Hickman, 11

Kelsey Pritchett, 11

Mikendra Ramsey, 11

Angie Smith, 11 years old

Kyra Bloomer, 10 years old

Micah Chipps, 10 years old

Elysia Graciano, 10 years old

Morgan McKinney, 10 years old

McKenzi Postlewait, 10

Claire Shelton, 10 years old

Madison Thomas, 10 years old

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