Pitch Invader in women’s football game escapes punishment for bizarre rule


It may have earned him a yellow card, but Australia striker Sam Kerr’s shoulder charge on a pitch invader cemented the Chelsea star’s place in sports lore. When the pitch invader entered the pitch in Chelsea’s game against Juventus in added time, he had a free run without being challenged by the stewards. That’s when Kerr took a bold step onto the pitch and brilliantly defeated the man who was being booed by the crowd.

While pitch invaders at football events are typically detained, the man will not face legal consequences as the law in place to prevent disruptive behavior by fans at UK football matches does not exist. does not apply to women’s football. According to The Athletic, the man was a Chelsea player who was suspended by the club. However, due to “the worrying loophole in the law that excludes women,” no arrests have been made, police said.

The law only applies to “designated matches”, which include the Premier League, the FA Cup and all matches featuring full or associate members of the UK Football League, but does not apply to women’s matches, such as the Women’s Super League or the FA Cup.

The loophole is concerning as, as a result, field invasions in women’s games are rarely prosecuted, unless other aggravating elements such as assault or public obscenity are present.

The incident was followed by much criticism of the lack of enforcement in the stadium, which allowed the supporter to run for so long, and this is because the police do not attend the matches.

After the game, Chelsea manager Emma Hayes also expressed concern, saying that as women’s football grows and players become celebrities their safety must become a priority. “We have to think about the safety of the players,” said Hayes. “We’ve seen in the growth of the game there’s this feeling that the players are more in demand. This should remind all of us in our stadiums and with our stewards, we have to prioritize the protection of the players. “

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