Rocky Mount vs. Tarboro football game bet between mayors goes to charity

ROCKY MOUNT, NC (WITN) — A high school football game between arch-rivals Rocky Mount and Tarboro is taking place Aug. 19, and their respective mayors are placing bets on the winner.

Tarboro Mayor Tate Mayo is betting $100 the Vikings will win this home game, while Rocky Mount Mayor Sandy Roberson is betting the Gryphons will emerge victorious.

If the Vikings win, Roberson will donate the bet to the Tarboro Community Foundation. If the Gryphons win, Mayo’s bet goes to the Boys and Girls Club of the Tar River.

“I trust my Gryphons under the guidance of Coach Battle,” Roberson said. “To be honest, although I want to win, I’m glad a deserving charity is the eventual winner anyway. Another shutout this year, however, is very possible. The Rocky Mount Gryphons opened their season last year with a shutout on number nine Tarboro Vikings.

“After another year of Tarboro High’s football championship, it’s terribly bold to bet against Tarboro,” Mayo replied. “I know last year’s game wasn’t the start to the season we were looking for, but with Coach Craddock’s leadership and the work ethic of our high school kids, I can speak for the city. saying ‘good luck’.”

This game will take place on Friday, August 19 at 7:00 p.m. at Tarboro High School.

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