Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney played their first football game in Wrexham last night



New co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney flew out to their first game of football in Wrexham, to the delight of spectators and fans at York Road Stadium in Maidenhead last night.

But even though Wrexham AFC lost their first game to Maidenhead United (3-2), celebrity owners look delighted to be caught off guard.

Check out some of the images below.

After the club’s first loss of the season, “It’s Always Nice in Philadelphia” star Rob McElhenney tweeted: “We didn’t want our first win to be away anyway.”

Meanwhile, ‘Deadpool’ star Ryan Reynolds posted a flurry of footage from the night to his Instagram, admitting the sheer rush he felt while watching the Wrexham football game:, evil and beauty. and I never sleep again. “

In February, it was announced that the couple would take 100% ownership of the Welsh club, in an offer that was approved by the team’s board in 2020. A Disney + fly- documentary series on-the-wall “Welcome to Wrexham” will follow Reynolds and McElhenney as their takeover has taken shape over the past year and is expected to premiere on the service in 2022.

Last August, the takeover of the club by Hollywood stars was mentioned in Jason Sudeikis’ comedy series “Ted Lasso”. Jeremy Swifts’ character Higgins apparently pokes fun at new football club owners, saying he “can’t say whether buying the club is a joke or not,” prompting the new co-chairs to demand two large boxes of Ted Lasso cookies. or they would face legal action.

Wrexham’s next football game will be against Torquay United. The club is currently in eleventh place in the National League.


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