Schoolboy injured after ‘flares’ exploded at Telford football match

A young boy was injured after “several” rockets were set off during a football match.

The nine-year-old had to be hospitalized after AFC Telford United fans set off banned flares containing dangerous toxins on Sunday.

The shocking incident occurred during Telford’s North National League game at Deva Stadium in Chester.

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Club bosses have since vowed to ban for life anyone caught launching flares during matches.

A “small minority” of away supporters released flares, injuring the schoolboy watching the game, The mirror pays.

Club officials will now scan video surveillance to find the culprits.

In a statement, the club said: “AFC Telford United would like to remind fans that we are committed to eradicating the use of flares, smoke bombs and fireworks in our matches.

“Several flares were set off this afternoon by a small minority of supporters outside, forcing a 9-year-old boy to be hospitalized tonight.

“Flares and smoke bombs interfere with the game and the enjoyment of players, and the toxins they contain can seriously damage health, which can lead to fatal injuries or concerns.

“It is a criminal offense to be in possession of a flare or smoke bomb during a football match, or to attempt to introduce a pyrotechnic device into a football stadium.

“We will take the strongest action available against anyone found in possession of a rocket, smoke bomb or any such pyrotechnic device.”

Flares, smoke bombs and fireworks contain dangerous toxins and are prohibited during football matches in England.

The club added: “Spectators are cautioned that we and the National League apply a zero tolerance approach to anyone attempting to bring such a device into any stadium while following AFC Telford United.

“Every time a rocket is triggered during a soccer game, the club is fined by the FA, which takes a toll on money that could be better spent on improving the playing team.

“AFC Telford United, we will be working with Chester and their CCTV starting in the afternoon to identify the people who were in charge today.

“Anyone found responsible will be treated as severely as possible. The courts have a three-month jail sentence and a three-year football ban.”

Telford is currently at the bottom of the Northern National League having won just two of his first 19 league games this season.

“AFC Telford United want all fans to behave at their best when supporting the club, whether at home at New Bucks Head or when following the Bucks away,” Telford said continued. .

“We take pride in our community and its family support and we cannot and will not tolerate inappropriate behavior or crowd disturbance of any kind.”

English football was marred by antisocial behavior by fans over the weekend, with two incidents taking place in the Premier League.

On New Years Day, Arsenal fans launched several missiles at Manchester City midfielder Rodri as he celebrated his latest winner in the Emirates.

After finding the back of the net Rodri decided to celebrate in front of Arsenal fans on the right of the goal rather than Man City fans on the left.

And on Sunday, Matt Lowton was shot in the face after a Leeds fan allegedly threw a bottle filled with liquid at the Burnley player.

The incident happened as Burnley was celebrating Maxwell Cornet’s stunning equalizer. Leeds won the game 3-1.

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