Shevchenko priban for football player “Genoa” from Zbirnoi Russia

Oleksiy Miranchuk / Getty Images

Genoa, coached by Ukrainian Andriy Shevchenko, wants to buy Russian national team player Alexei Miranchuk from Atalanta. The Bergamo side want to earn € 12million from the sale of the 26-year-old midfielder.

In particular, the head coach of the Genoese Andrei Shevchenko wants to see a Russian in his team, and the “griffins” have already started negotiations on a possible purchase or rental of a footballer.

Besides Miranchuk, Shevchenko’s side have selected Bologna midfielders Riccardo Orsolini, Groningen striker Jorgen Larsen and Udinese defender Jens Larsen.

Rumors that Alexei would leave Atalante, arose in the fall. Then a version appeared in the press that the Russian could not stand the competition and planned to play for a less ambitious team. Recall that one of those with whom the Russian is fighting for a place on the pitch is Ukrainian

Ruslan Malinovski.

Miranchuk’s contract in Atalante

    The 26-year-old Russian does not have a permanent place at the base of the Bergamo club, so he can take such a step. This season, he played 12 matches in all tournaments (397 minutes), scored 1 goal and provided 1 assist.
  • Atalanta bought it in September 2020 from Lokomotiv in Moscow for 14.5 million euros. The Transfermarkt portal estimates the footballer at 13.5 million euros.

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