Singapore Warriors Football Club fined $ 26,000 for non-payment of player salaries and other offenses

SINGAPORE – Warriors FC, formerly known as Singapore Armed Forces Football Club and nine-time Singapore Premier League (SPL) winner, were fined $ 26,000 on Tuesday January 11 after pleading guilty to 134 charges. release equivalent to an acquittal.

The majority of the charges against them – 133 out of 137 – related to non-payment of their employees’ salaries from July 2019 to December 2019 and fell under the employment law.

Four other charges were linked to an incident in March 2016 in which the club failed to notify the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department of its hiring of four security officers to perform bag security checks. during an SPL match. These fell under the Public Security Industry Act (PSIA).

The Warriors were fined a total of $ 21,000 for the charges against the Employment Act and $ 5,000 for those under the PSIA.

The club, which have been crippled by financial difficulties that have forced them to cancel the 2020 and 2021 SPL seasons, are authorized to pay the fine in installments over 15 months, which will end in May 2023.

In their mitigating plea, their attorney Azri Imran Tan of IRB Law said the club would “not apologize for its conduct, especially regarding the charges (employment law)” and “accept responsibility wholeheartedly”.

The club have done their best to rectify the problem, he added, including reimbursing the affected staff in full, with the last payment of money owed to affected employees having been made in July of last year.

In total, including charges, the club did not pay nearly $ 350,000 in salaries to 35 employees.

The Warriors remain in debt, with nearly $ 560,000 owed to Singapore’s Inland Revenue Authority and the Central Provident Fund (CPF). However, payment plans “that are both usable and manageable” are in place with the two authorities.

Tan added that the current Warriors management intends to weather this storm, address all issues and shortcomings and noted: “The long term goal will be for the club to be able to resume competition in football competitions. of Singapore, on a sustainable financial basis. “

Originally under the tutelage of the Ministry of Defense (Mindef), the Warriors are the most successful club here in the professional era that began in 1996 although their last triumph for the title was in 2014.

The name change to Warriors in 2013 preceded the transfer of control of the club by Mindef in January 2017, apparently to allow an unnamed new private sponsor to gain more leverage in the management of the club.

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