The Wight Eagles Girls traveled to Andover to make history for the youth academy and play their very first game for the club.

The team were against all odds when playing for Andover – who currently sit second in the Hampshire League Premier League and were on an unbeaten streak. With the Wight Eagles missing some key players for the trip, the girls started strong and kept the pressure on Andover making it difficult for them to break behind the lines with a very well-worked return from Ellie, Poppy and Summer. .

In the goal was new recruit Eloise who had her work cut out for her as the heavy rain began to fall and made the surface slippery. Andover began to gain self-confidence and break the deadlock with his experience starting to take hold. As the roles began to turn, the Island side spent most of the first half stuck in their own half as Andover created chances and soon led 4-0.

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Wight Eagles then had the opportunity to pull a few out as they found some form and had a few corners to attack. Another new signing, Amelia, had a few chances that went missing.

In the second half, the girls came out stronger and more organized with a few crosses from Lyla and better linking play from Olivia and Imogen in the middle of the park.

As the rain started to fall even heavier, Andover picked up the pace and quickly scored 4 more, with significantly higher physical condition, but the Eagles kept trying to play football with 25 minutes left. Andover scored another couple as the vision on the pitch began to fade and the referee ended the game – finishing 10-0 at Andover.

Director Dan Verstraeten said:

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“It was a tough job for the girls going to get a result in the Hampshire Cup against a well-trained team at the top of their game and in 2 divisions above us. With weather conditions as bad as they were even the adult games got canceled but they went to try and never gave up there is a lot more to come from this team they made their better and had fun thats all i can ask of them.

“Making Wight Eagles Academy history is what we set out to do for me, it’s the proudest moment for me. We also have to warmly thank WightFibre for sponsoring the kit this season.

The next game for the girls is on Saturday October 9 against Winchester in their 1st league game.

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