Strangest football game ever to have double-counted goals

The Caribbean Cup may be gone now, but it has always left a lasting legacy in football. In the 1994 competition, Trinidad and Tobago emerged as the winner, but their victory was a footnote, as it was the tournament that provided the strangest football match ever.

Barbados, Grenada and Puerto Rico were seeded together in the qualifying round. Barbados lost to Puerto Rico 1-0 and Grenada defeated Puerto Rico 2-0. Only one team could progress and with Puerto Rico now that would be between the two sustainable teams.

The rules of the competition did not allow draws; instead, if the scores were tied beyond 90 minutes, the game would end with a sudden death “golden goal” in overtime.

The rules were that the larger goal deficit would take precedence

Barbados ended up 2-1 on a full-time approach. But they had to beat Grenada by a deficit of at least two goals to progress. Luckily for them, the competition’s organizers, for some strange reason, had imposed the rule that goals scored in overtime were worth two goals.

Barbados realized they had many ways to win – and one was easier than the other. They could either try to score another goal to make it 3-1 in the little time left – or they could score an intentional goal against their side, go into overtime with the game at 2-2, then try. get that precious golden goal worth two.

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Barbados vs Grenada
The goalkeeper watches his teammate score in his own net

They opted for the latter option, scoring in their own net in regulation time. But Grenada also continued. They themselves figured out how they could manipulate the rules to their advantage: if the score remained the same at 2-2, they would have to go into overtime, giving their opponents the opportunity to score a worthy two-goal.

Remember, Barbados needed a two-goal win, so a 3-2 win under normal circumstances and a 3-2 loss would not be enough. And with that, the most ridiculous five minutes of football was ensured, with Grenada attempting to score in either goal as Barbados frantically tried to defend both nets on the pitch.

Barbados vs Grenada
A game of attackers against defenders has taken place

Miraculously, Granada couldn’t find its way to the net in normal times. The pair went into overtime and Barbados scored a worthy two and took the next step with a 4-2 victory.

Grenada may have returned with their tails between their legs, but the football world has been granted an incredible piece of history.

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