Tennessee fans worried about digital tickets to opening game 1

Knoxville, Tenn. (WATE) – This is the first season that the University of Tennessee has required digital tickets for all games. Although the tickets have already been used for certain sports, some problems with their much greater use were foreseeable.

A UT Athletics spokesperson said in a pre-game press conference: “Our fans need to download the Tennessee Athletics app, in the top left corner they will press the menu button, click on ‘ My Tickets”. They will see all of their tickets in this area and their parking lot, then when they show up on game day.

UT Athletics has moved to digital ticketing to help make the game access process more convenient for fans, but some people have been skeptical of the process.

Angel Heatherly and her family are season ticket holders.

“We have four tickets in the club, then we have two tickets and the new lower tier west club,” she said. “Well we ended up saying two of them are going to older members of my husband’s family and when they all come on our phone we contact them and they both have the flip phone and I don’t know how to do all this. Who’s gonna buy them a better phone, you know? So they were kinda really upset so my husband came here to talk to them and they said for a $50 fee they would print their tickets for them.

Heatherly has had all of her tickets printed for the season.

While some fans got into the game with their digital tickets without any issues, others ended up needing help.

“We had transferred tickets from my fraternity brother and loaded them to my Apple Wallet from all tickets but for some reason they couldn’t find it saved. They were very nice Ms. Kowalski there- down and gave me a paper ticket,” said Ken Clayton.

Several people lined up at the box office because their digital tickets weren’t working, but even with the issues, most were in good spirits for the game.

UT Athletics said screenshots of game day tickets will not be scanned at the gate and will not be allowed entry. The best way to save your digital ticket is to use the official Tennessee Athletics app, Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.

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