The exam of the St Kilda football club reveals that the configuration of the training contributed to the club’s inconsistency

St Kilda is ready to accept short -term pain under the new coach Ross Lyon to lay the foundations for lasting success after the examination of the football department revealed that a short -term concentration had led to neglecting the fundamentals .

The executive summary of the large -scale examination led by President Andrew Bassat revealed that the club did not have the capacity for vigorous debate and feedback throughout the club and that there were problems with the program coaching.

The decision to withdraw Brett Ratten from his coach position less than 100 days after the extension of his contract shocked the world of football, but the exam “identified significant problems compared to our training program, which Partly explains the inconsistency noted in the field in the past two years “. seasons. These problems were more pronounced in the second half of the season, but certainly not limited to this period.

St Kilda has won eight of her first 11 games but has lost eight of his last 11 games (with Ratten unavailable for a match in the second half of the season due to COVID) to finish 12th for the second consecutive season.

The new coach Ross Lyon alongside CEO Simon Lethlean and President Andrew BassatCredit:Getty

They also identified a leadership vacuum in the football department when Simon Lethlean went from football chief to CEO, as well as a need to update the list strategy to focus on the draft. Lethlean replaced Matt Finnis in this role, David Rath expects to be raised as football director before the exam recommends hiring an experienced football boss.

The management’s desire to debate problems with the board of directors and the ability of the board of directors to question what was going on were also questioned, the president finally deciding that the club “needed changes more revolutionary than originally planned “.

The club has also decided not to sell a home match in 2023 and will also apply a solid football optics to all the matches we are considering. The club is already engaged in the annual pride game with Sydney and plays in the Blue Ribbon match against Hawthorn.

The summary also identified that the examination committee, which included Bassat, Lethlean, the member of the board of directors Jason Blake and the independent expert David Noble, who finished as a coach in North Melbourne a week after Ratten saw His prolonged two -year contract did not specifically recommend Ratten. has been removed although the required leadership style has been debated.

The three main recommendations of the examination committees were as follows: identify and recruit an experienced football official; Improve the leadership and capacity of the coach group; Invest more in the leadership and development programs of our players.

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