The family of murdered Nahid Ahmed organizes a football match in his memory

A football match has been held in memory of a 26-year-old man who was killed by his neighbor in a “totally senseless and unprovoked attack”.

The first Nahid Charity Cup was held on June 26, the community event was hailed for its anti-crime message and call for peace.

Nahid’s family have worked and campaigned to stamp out knife crime since Nahid was stabbed at Holbrook Close, Enfield in September 2020.

This tournament was the latest in a series of events, with a host of prominent figures from the community showing up to show their support.

Nahid Ahmed

Ponders End FC players Abdul Komor, Amran Ahmed and Abul Hussain, as well as Raju Ahmed and Mujib Rahman, who are chairman and deputy secretary of Enfield Masjid respectively, have joined Nahid’s family.

Referees Aslam Hussain and Shakeel Wahid presided over the match between Team Nahid and Impact FC, which ended in a penalty shootout and was ultimately won by the latter.

Speaking at the match, Nahid’s mother Rushanara said: “I’m a mix of emotions today. We all miss Nahid terribly. He was taken too soon. If this football tournament saves a life and the tears of a single mother, our blessed efforts were worth it.

“God bless Nahid and God bless you all for your love.”

Enfield Independent: The Nahid Charity Cup could become an annual eventThe Nahid Charity Cup could become an annual event

Plans are underway to make this cup an annual fixture. In light of the murder of his nephew, Nahid’s uncle Mo worked alongside volunteers and Enfield Youth Service to open the ACE Youth Club, which supports almost 200 young people with free activities.

Abdi Ibrahim Osman, 43, of Purcell House, Holbrook Close, is serving a 23.5-year sentence for the murder of Nahid.

Nahid was talking to his girlfriend in his car after spending the day with his family when he was stabbed by Osman, who appeared drunk and violent.

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After the sentencing, Rushanara described her son as “everyone of hers” and a “good person, much liked and respected, hardworking and dedicated to her family”.

Police said the attack on Nahid was “senseless and unprovoked”.

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