Throwing football player taken to A&E in a hearse – Worthing Hospital staff ‘couldn’t believe it’

For a Lancing funeral director and a local football player, Saturday was no ordinary day at the office.

Serious knee injury in a game against Burgess Hill Town FC, Lancing FC defender Marcus Allen (pictured) has been taken to hospital in a funeral vehicle.

Serious knee injury in a game against Burgess Hill Town FC, Lancing FC defender Marcus Allen was taken to hospital in a hearse.

It came after the quick thinking of one of the 350 spectators, Henry King, whose company – HG King Funeral Directors – sponsors the club.

Henry said: “Ten minutes later Lancing scored. At the same time, one of their players was injured. He was stretched off the field.

Match sponsor Henry King pictured with Lancing FC midfielder Tyrone Madhani during the reveal of the new shirt sponsor

“The club called an ambulance but were told the wait would be four to five hours.

“I offered to use my private ambulance, an estate funeral car, which took him to A&E in Worthing.

“I was in the right place at the right time – I was lucky to be there.”

Marcus Allen – who plays a centre-half with a wealth of County experience with former clubs Haywards Heath, Peacehaven and Saltdean United – said the experience of being taken to hospital via a funeral vehicle was ‘quite bizarre’ .

“It’s a little blurry now,” he said. “Since it was my knee, I had a hard time being able to bend it.

“Having to try and lay flat in a car, when I’m 6ft 1, isn’t really doable. The idea came up if someone had a big vehicle, that’s how the hearse was born .

“The hospital receptionist couldn’t believe it. The staff found it quite amusing as they weren’t expecting it.”

Of the injury, which occurred after an awkward landing, Marcus said: “I’m back home and feeling great. I’m on a splint and crutches.

“Hopefully I’ll find out a bit more in the next few weeks. It was my knee, so it could be a ligament injury.”

Marcus thanked the hospital staff who cared for him and Henry for their quick-wittedness.

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