Video shows the moment Edinburgh’s youth football match was abandoned after a fight broke out between ‘parents’

The Under-14 match between Spartans FC Youth and Edinburgh City Blacks was a South East Region Youth Football Association Division 1 match and was played at grounds on Arboretum Road.

But the game had to be called off at half-time after a fight broke out between two parents from the Edinburgh side who had been watching the game from behind a pitchside fence.

A parent who witnessed the fight said the Spartans were leading 2-0 when the fight broke out between the two men.

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He said: “Dozens of parents watching were shocked by the scenes that unfolded during half-time of the game.

“The match had been played in a good mood so far.

“But when the boys came out, a parent who had been loud in the first half started yelling at another parent in the city of Edinburgh and threw a punch.

“They started kicking and punching each other in the street as the two groups of players were seen, other parents and coaches trying to separate them. It looked like a parked car had been damaged in the fray.

A fight broke out between spectators during an Under-14 football match between the Spartans and Edinburgh this afternoon.

“With two or three of Edinburgh City’s players visibly distressed, the referee had no choice but to call off the game at half-time.”

The parent said it was the worst incident he had ever seen at a youth football game.

He said: “My son was shocked by what he saw. It’s the worst I’ve seen in a youth game and has no place in the game. The guy who started it shouldn’t be allowed near a game anymore. The saddest thing is that it will be his son who will suffer.

He added: “The children of these people must be horrified.”

No member of the Spartans club was involved in the fight.

A spokesperson said: “As a club, we take a firm view of any anti-social and unacceptable behavior in what children’s football is all about. We also hold our parents, players and coaches to our codes of conduct and the highest standards of conduct at all times.

“We can confirm that no one connected to the Spartans was involved in the incident other than trying to help defuse the situation.

“We are shocked that families and children from both teams have witnessed such anti-social and unacceptable behavior at a youth football match. The game itself was played in fantastic spirit, and it understandably many players were shocked by what they saw, meaning there was no choice but to end the game.”

It is understood that the incident was not reported to the police.

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