Was Pro Evolution 6 the best console football game?

There was a war between FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer (now known as eFootball PES), but there was only one winner in 2007. The war raging between EA and Konamiit really came to a head when Konami nailed the best football game ever released on a console. So what made this game so good?

Football in 2007

Football was producing some of the best players the world had ever seen in 2007. The likes of David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Ronaldinho, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Kaka were all at the top of their game. Emerging talents such as Wayne Rooney, Fernando Torres, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo were all performing for club and country.

It was an exciting time to watch these players and it might seem like an old man thing to say, but football looked a lot better back then. However, it could be nostalgia when you compare it to the present.

Pro Evolution Football 6

That brings us to the game in question and what made it so great. Again, nostalgia might be a factor, but as this is the latest game in the series on Playstation 2, it really pushed the limits the fantastic console could reach!

Konami may be mocked for their graphics compared to FIFA, but when they were able to secure the licenses for the players in question, there was no doubt that they were able to nail the face of the player making you think the graphics couldn’t get any better than this.

With so much smoother gameplay than FIFA and you were able to dribble past old players with ease. Especially if you were at Inter Milan with Adriano, Obafemi Martins and Alvaro Recoba and had their fitness with a red up arrow next to their name.

Game modes on Pro Evolution

Pro Evo, as it was aptly called by fans, had a game mode that gave it a leg up on the competition and fans are still waiting for it. Master League.

The game gave you players that weren’t real but they felt like family and you played with them first before creating your ultimate team. However, it was still sad to let go of your current team of heroes in order to buy off John Terry, Carlos Tevez, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Raul to win every Premier League game.

However, these players have not been forgotten as Pro Evo 6 fans have created profiles for each player who would be involved in your starting team.

You can’t forget the ridiculous but brilliant modes where you could play dressed up as penguins, dinosaurs or ostriches! You can only get fun madness with new online casinos at the market.

The legacy

Unfortunately, Konami was unable to replicate the greatness of Pro Evo 6 and FIFA dominated the market. However, true football players will not forget the game every time they load up FIFA 23 as they yearn for simpler times, more emphatic gameplay and overrated commentary.

Vive Pro Evo 6. Really the best.

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