What is the highest score in a single NFL football game?

Anot NFL the game with multiple touchdowns is always the most entertaining for the fans, especially when the fouls of both teams continue to cause damage to the opponent in search of victory, which makes us think about what is highest score in a single NFL football game.

In Week 16 of NFL 2021, there were games with extremely high scores, like the Dallas Cowboys win 56-14 over Washington or the Houston Texans win 41-29 over Los Angeles Chargers.

However, the records for most runs scored by a single team and highest combined score in an NFL game were set decades ago and we remember them here.

The highest score in a single NFL football game

This folder belongs to 1966 game between Washington and New York Giants, in which the New York franchise was the worst of the season, going 1-12-1 and allowing 501 points. During the aforementioned game, Washington scored 72 points.

At the start of the game, Washington built a 34-7 lead for the first half and the Giants rallied in the second half with four touchdowns, which wasn’t enough and the final score was 72-41.

Highest combined score in an NFL game

That same game between Washington and the Giants had the league’s highest combined score, with a total of 113 points. In 2004, the Bengals and Browns nearly tied that mark with a final score of 58-48, combining for 106 points and winning Cincinnati.

Largest margin of victory in an NFL game

This record is shared by three teams in NFL history: the Browns beat Washington 62-3 by a 59-point margin in 1954, as did the Patriots in their 59-0 win over the Titans in 2009, and the Rams in their win over the Titans. the Falcons in 1976.

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