Worthy of the frenzy: When Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds buys a Welsh football club

Welcome to Wrexham


4 out of 5 stars

Last year Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, two Hollywood actors who knew little about football, made headlines when they bought a struggling Welsh football team.

The docuseries on Disney+, Welcome To Wrexham, follows their unlikely takeover – and the underdog story of a football club in a working-class town – with humor and humanity.

Here are three reasons to log in:

1. Love of the game

What would Reynolds, the wise anti-hero from the films Deadpool (2016-2018) – and McElhenney, star of the sitcom It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (2005-present) – want with a football team in the UK?

McElhenney became interested in the game because of a British friend and was drawn to Wrexham because of his own working-class roots and how his local team, the Philadelphia Eagles, winning American football’s biggest trophy was “the best day of my life”.

For Reynolds, the love of the sport grew out of the fact that being good at it was one of the few ways he received his late father’s approval.

And McElhenney somehow convinced Reynolds – whom he had never met in person – to buy Wales’ oldest football club.

2. An overlooked city and football club

Once a mining town, Wrexham has seen better days.

And his football club is a source of both nostalgia and disappointment, having languished at the bottom of the professional leagues for years.

The takeover of Hollywood is therefore seen as a boon, but the new owners – whose aim is to see the club promoted – are greeted with some apprehension.

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